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Isn't this the same as that KitSentry failure from F-Stop about 2 years ago ?

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I guess wedding photographers should be asking if their new customers are reading Brides Magasin and if they do, just avoid doing business with them ?

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Zack Arias :D

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WilliamJ: To date, the funds "kickstarted" amount to 1 488 795 $, almost three times the sum initially expected. And still 58 days left before the limit...

Well, well... 1 488 795 $ just for making good photo-bags, while there are already hundreds around ? I begin to find that a little bit fishy...

First of all PeakDesign are quite good at making stuff for photographers and because they mostly work with Crowdfunding to launch their project and have always delivered fully fleshed out products right on schedule, it makes them a trusted company.
The Everyday Messenger bag is really what the name say, you can use it everyday for whatever need you have, it's not just a photography bag, you can use it as commuter or a small week-end trip.
A lot of ppl like what they do and how their product are being designed. I love the backpack with a zipper on each side, plus more inner storage. In general, I really like their design.

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cuelho1: Where's the X-E3?
That's what I'd like answered.

You guys know there is Photokina, right ? And as surprising as it could be, not every possible camera will have leak about them.
Take the D500 for example, there absolutely not rumors about it before it suddenly showed up earlier this year.

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plastique2: I guess I'm not a satisfied everyone. In my opinion and in what my eyes can see in photos of all Fuji cameras so far: the lower the ISO sensitivity the worse the image quality (when compared to other cameras) - which seems to be unique - all other brands of cameras have it the other way - the lower the ISO the better the image quality. A smaller FourThirds sensor produces much more crisp detail at ISO 200 than Fuji's cameras with an APSC sized sensor. Why is that? Does anyone else share this view?

I am really curious as on which base you are stating that Fuji at lower ISO have worse output than m43.

As far as I can see it, they produce as good as pretty much all the cameras in the same age generation regardless of sensor size (taking out anything from MF and even larger from this, because those are cheating :p)

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robspeed750: Canon (and Nikon) should just get into the phone business. Leica is sort of doing it with Sony even though its just a rebrand of a chinese product.

No, they really shouldn't. What Leica did with the Huawei P9 is almost laughable, the camera is subpar anything on the market on the same price range, the sensor is bad at both light gathering and AF is abysmal.

The phone itself is fine but for a first iteration from Leica, I kind of expected better out of them. In the end, I am rather disappointed at their half hearted attempt.

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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 firmware update 1.01 now available (76 comments in total)
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Don Sata: I have never seen people complain about mobile phone updates.

If it is as specialized as Fuji bodies, most likely yes.

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