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Impulses: " ‘because Canon is doing automated optical adjustment of subgroups during assembly.’ "

Huh, that's very interesting, sounds like a whole new level of QC, wouldn't have expected that for this kinda lens.

Think about it, if Canon could automate the process to align the elements, they can drive down costs by not having it down manually. And as this is a budget lens, cost is everything.

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Bennd: Hello everyone, who has a better camera for Pixel 4xl or Sony? I now have Pixel 2 xl and I want to replace.

Realistically, the Pixel takes better pictures, because of the post-processing tweaks Google has made to their camera suite.

Otherwise, Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra takes the crown as the best Android phone, while if you want to lean Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro is also excellent as well.

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Gatecrasher84: No better than my Galaxy S20 and almost twice the price I paid 😂 and the Sony doesn't have 8K Video or high refresh rate screen 👎


Even at FHD, it's practically indiscernible. I remember when Apple made such a big deal about their Retina displays, even though their displays have a pixel density of about 300 PPI, which made their individual pixels on the screen indiscernible to the naked eye.

Also, Samsung's AMOLED displays have gotten significantly better over time; the current one on the Galaxy S20 series is considered one of the most colour accurate displays out there, once calibrated.

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On article Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery (123 comments in total)
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Gatecrasher84: No better than my Galaxy S20 and almost twice the price I paid 😂 and the Sony doesn't have 8K Video or high refresh rate screen 👎


I went from a Sony Xperia XZ Premium to the Samsung Galaxy S20+, and I don't notice a difference.

At the sizes of these phones, it is impossible to detect the difference between 4K and QHD+. You will need a magnifying glass, up close in order to see the difference. I wouldn't recommend going 4K on a phone, except for bragging rights.

What makes for a better experience, is the refresh rate. Sony is only doing 90Hz on the display of the Xperia 1 Mark II, while Samsung is offering 120Hz refresh rate on the screen. This makes for a much quicker, and snappier feel to the phone, as on screen animations are much smoother. Coupled with Samsung's AMOLED screen, which is absolutely beautiful with excellent blacks and colour renditions, I would take the Samsung over the Sony any day of the week.

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worldaccordingtojim: Without recording limits none of this means anything. This is by far the shadiest announcement by any manufacturer.

You'll run out of memory with 8K before you probably hit any recording limits, with the current crop of 1TB cards.

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StoneJack: Wow, Canon's move, finally. With the bar raised by Nikon Z6 and Panasonic S in the video space last year (also Fuji) , Canon's answer is just mighty. However, with BMP, Panasonic and Nikon approaching 6k, Canon's step to 8k was probably anticipated. What was unexpected, is the full AF (Dual Pixel) on 4k and 8k. 120fps for 4k is also a killer feature. I expect the YT crowd to follow Canon now for a year, perhaps until we have next wave of Nikon Z models and maybe GH6. Either way, FF ML video space just became quite crowded. IBIS (like Nikon Z6/7), interestingly that internal video seems to be better than external one (only 60fps in 4k in external), 8K internal video recording in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265). I guess price is also quite high, probably about 6-8k for a body (should rival Canon C line).

I suspect the limitation for external recording is a limitation of the HDMI 2.0 standard. That only supports 4K at 60p.

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supersargas: If Sony cameras overheated, this will be good enough for welding.

I believe there was an interview with a Canon engineer, and they talked about how Canon had a hard look at what generates heat inside a camera, and had redesigned the layout of the various components inside to prevent a mass of heat building up inside the camera. They probably had thought this one through.

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Artak Hambarian: Is it again just around 33 MP? This is about what is needed to achieve 8k...

No, it'll be about 44.7MP, because the specs are 8K DCI, using full width of the sensor. 8K DCI is 8192×4320; since this is a full-frame camera with a 3:2 aspect ratio, that means the height of the sensor is 5462 pixels, which equals 44.7MP.

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I'm interested to hear more about the deep learning capabilities of the 1D X Mark III. Reading about what the Canon reps are saying about it, it will have AI subject recognition and tracking capabilities, which we have seen in a limited fashion from other companies, such as Olympus with their OM-D E-M1X.

If Canon feels comfortable touting this as one of the features on a high end, pro-level body that's being used by professional photo organizations around the world, they must have a ton of confidence about the performance and reliability of the system. This might be an absolute game changer.

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Thoughts R Us: This is Canon saying we will no longer allow ourselves to be perceived as behind in technology. Canon knows they have the reliability and service angle already sewn up, but now they are staking a claim to technology leadership. Good for them.

I think you will see Nikon also make a similar bold move with their D6.


You do realize this is primarily a sports/action/wildlife camera? That means you are often keeping the shutter speed up, way up, in order to freeze action. At the higher shutter speeds necessary to freeze action, IBIS is often not required because your shutter speed is higher than the reciprocal rule. And if you can't keep a camera and a telephoto lens stable enough when you are shooting in excess of 1/800 or higher, well, maybe you aren't cut out to be a photographer!

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Akpinxit: what equipment was it shot with ?

According to NASA, it was shot with a RED Helium 8k:

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Suntan: I have a 10" screen and PJ theater setup in my basement and even on that (from a comfortable viewing distance) the resolution difference between 4K and 1080p is only barely noticeable if I'm really trying to look for it on test patterns.

8K is silly in the consumer space for motion video. It is only useful in the store showroom floor, where people walk right up to the screens to inspect them from a hand's width away to decide if "teh pixels" will be good enough.

8K is useful for professional video editors as the high resolution allows a lot of freeway when editing; one can crop or heavily reframe the video and not make any real loss in quality as a result.

Also, when exporting the final work, if you downsample to 4k, it creates a cleaner video file.

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (152 comments in total)

The Canadian Canon CPS service requires at minimum, a pair of 70D's and a pair of L-series lenses in order to qualify for a Gold membership:

There is also a student membership as well:

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m_black: Not exactly a return salvo to the D850. :-)

Canon will probably sell more of this in a year than Nikon will ever sell of the D850 over its lifetime.

It is likely Canon is making a fairly decent product margin on this, compared to what Nikon is probably making off the D850. Canon didn't have to invest a lot into the R&D of this camera compared to what Nikon probably spent developing the D850.

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kwa_photo: Good luck collecting, I'm sure they don't have the $$$ to pay the awarded judgement and would likely claim bankruptcy. There is a change they may have an umbrella policy covering things like this, but I doubt it. Still a win though.

Debts due to court fines and penalties are almost never discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Debts incurred as a result of willful and malicious injury to another or to the property of another are also not discharged if the creditor successfully objects (which seems to be the case here).

So yeah, unless the judgement is successfully appealed, they have to pay.

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ncsakany: Good luck collecting on that judgment.

@HenryDJP Debts due to court fines and penalties are almost never discharged in a bankruptcy.

Debts incurred as a result of willful and malicious injury to another or to the property of another are also not discharged if the creditor successfully objects.

So yeah, unless the judgement is successfully appealed, they have to pay.

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Sammy Yousef: Pros will continue to stubbornly refuse to offer full size unedited images and missed shots "to protect their reputation" regardless of what their client wants, then complain when they go out of business.

Most people who get married aren't aware of standard practice in the business and have many many things to read and organize for a wedding. If you must continue with archaic practices, make sure you tell them that they aren't getting full resolution images and that they understand what you mean. There is no question this couple behaved very badly, but I also don't doubt that is because they felt cheated out of their memories when the photos exist.

Well done. By sticking to her guns and enforcing the contract 2 years later she's not shooting and has burnt through her savings, playing stay at home mum. Regardless of the quality of her shots she could have improved and this is a waste. It's yet to be shown what money she gets out of the couple and how much goes to lawyers.

This is why I don't do people photography, period, be it portraits, or weddings. You end up with with a jerk for a client.


1. The high res pictures were withheld until the photo album was completed and paid for. This was spelled out in the contract, and explained to them on multiple occasions prior to the wedding.

2. Even in my photography, I don't have that many keepers. For example, I may have 2000 pictures at the end of the day, but at my computer when I'm going over the pictures with a fine tooth comb in post processing, I whittle that down to about 100 pictures I feel are of decent quality to do work on, by eliminating pictures that are mis-focused, or have any other technical problems. And of those, maybe a small fraction get the full treatment for me even bother with.

Selecting the best pictures is not only best for the client, but also best for your brand. You don't want people showcasing all your "average" pics.

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JackM: Great, but where is the couple going to get $1M? Are they rich already? If not it will take them a lifetime to pay. I imagine if they are not 1 percenters they'll be able to argue the penalty down very substantially...?

The photographer could get a court order to garnish their wages until it was paid back, or have property seized, such as a house, bank accounts, or investments.

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sh10453: Good for Andrea. Congrat's on her win.
Hopefully this will teach someone a lesson before they go out on a binge and try maliciously to destroy someone's life without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

What baffles me is WHY wouldn't Andrea give them their pictures. They were paid for. Why hold them until she delivers them with the album???
I don't see the logic.
Perhaps Andrea makes big money on albums (cover page picture alone is $125), and giving them the picture files would allow them to cancel the album order, and make an album on their own to save some bucks.

On the other hand, after looking at her web site, she is a shrewd marketer.
Her book for making $800,000 is just over the top, sounds worse than the multi-level marketing tactics, and I doubt that many would fall for it, or for her other marketing schemes.

From what I've read, it was all clearly spelled out in the contract; per the contract, you get your high res pictures when you pay for the album. It was also written in bold, highlighted, and was explained to them on multiple occasions.

It's a clear case of someone not reading or remembering the contract, and then going to the media when they don't get their way.

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