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snapa: All good new for the A9 that now has the best, fastest most accurate AF of any camera in history. Now, all Sony need to do is put those new features in the successor to the a6500 and I'll be all set! :)
I do feel bad for Canon Nikon and Fuji since they are just falling further and further behind.

All well an good for Sony APSC...but where are the lenses. I have been a Sony shooter since the Nex C3. I presently have the A7Rii and a bevy of lenses. Recently bought the Fuji XT3. The weakness in the Sony APSC cameras is the lack of prosumer and pro lenses.

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just saw some video...this blows the hell out of anything on the market....just amazing!

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RX100vi blows it out of the water in image quality and versitility. Besides it fits in my skinny jeans.

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I bought the app and the pictures with auto focus and focus peaking are not as sharp as the iphone camera. I am dissapointed. I Like the concept but i took multiple pictures and they are not as sharp as the native app.

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Richard Weisgrau: The simple answer is NO!

I became a Pro user of Aperture when it was first released. I have used it ever since. I do not like LR or other software.

Photos is a nice amateur product for making minor adjustments and feeding images to different applications. I could use it, if it allowed me to edit in Aperture and store in Photos. It does not.

I do not need Aperture to be improved. I just need it to not become obsolete because of OS changes.

It is an application for those whose main camera is their I phone and nothing more.

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ewelch: Apple didn't sell enough copies of Aperture to justify the support it requires to keep it ahead of Lightroom.

But I won't use Lightroom in any case. I have tried it several times. I don't like it, and it's not appropriate for a multi-user environment where more than one photographer works on photos. Same was true about Aperture, mind you.

I always used iPhoto as well as Aperture or Lightroom. To make calendars, books, etc. So I suspect I will use Photos for that kind of thing. And to put photos on Facebook and share with friends and family.

But let's face it. I have 18 TBs of space at work, and about 10 TB of space at home. That does not translate to having everything online in any case!

Aperture was in the top five in the app stores for gross sales forever. It was a popular Item for Mac users. If being in the top five for that length of time does not justify their support of the application, why should we trust any of their applications?

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