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  • Great set. I especially love  the way you have captured the light in some of these.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Very well done.  Thanks for sharing.
  • +1 Rick and Thomas hit it on the head.
  • The autofocus and startup speeds are significantly faster on the T. The LCD & EVF is significantly better too. The T lacks an AA filter so it should be (is) sharper than the XV -  depending on the ...
  • Did you enhance the color saturation much, or are these out-of-camera colors?  Remarkable clarity and detail too! Maybe NYS will want some for their marketing... Bravo!!
  • +1 I live in New York.  These are absolutely breathtaking photos. I greatly admire your work here- and am very inspired by it. Damn - that Leica Q is one heck of a great camera.   You've also now ...
  • The T' has some significant advantages besides Interchangable lenses: (1) no AA filter = very sharp images (2) much faster start-up time & autofocus speed
  • ONA has earned a lot of my business. Union Street - very large for my 15" laptop, lots of gear or as an overnight bag. Even fits a Leica with EVF. Brixton - a bit heavy but damn near perfect for a ...
  • That SL really sings in your hand (or rather, on your tripod). You've inspired me to pack my ND filter and a tripod more often. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images with us. A+
  • That SL really sings in your hand (or rather, on your tripod). You've inspired me to pack my ND filter and a tripod more often. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images with us.  A+
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    You have a great eye - to see a scene that tells a story, and for composition, lighting, and color. I actually expected the EXIF to say it was taken with your M9.  These are fantastic colors for sure.
  • I have been very impressed with DxO Optics Pro Elite. Besides noise reduction, it really does a great job balancing exposure, highlights, and contrast tweaking.  Shots in mixed/difficult lighting ...
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    For the EVF, you can look to the Olympus version. It's the same inside and a lot cheaper than Leica's version that differs only slightly by a more rounded shape and a lard LEICA label splashed ...
  • You will love the XV, and like so many of us, you will likely form a special bond with it. The way it captures light is truly magical. Can't wait to see your photos from it.  Good luck!
  • It looks like you have appropriately captured (reflected) her soul in this image. Composition, light and color are outstanding as always.  You have quite a talent and I love viewing your photos ...
  • So I have had my T since the 1st day it was introduced, and I change lenses quite often. I make it a point to turn the camera front  facing down when I remove the lens, and I have not had a dust ...
  • I don't have experience with the DL, but I will say that the XV is a very special yet under rated camera. Results are outstanding. Edge-to-edge sharpness, rich colors, and micro contrast are true ...
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    Expensive but worth it. Fantastic handling and image quality. Renowned Leica sharpness, colors and micro contrast in a small DSLR replacement. Not good for sports. Highly under rated. AF & handling ...
  • I would recommend to buy the Leica lens hood instead. It gives the lens ample protection to avoid the need for a filter. That lens is made with rare earth glass. It's special, but I wouldn't want ...
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