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  • enter the service menu and disable the no lens limit. I'm not sure of the key press sequence but is on the forum somewhere.
  • Happens to everyone eventually. Spray some electric contact cleaner or pure alcohol(i use this) on the dial and turn it forcefully  till it dries out. (take out battery) just two drops is enough i ...
  • I've been to that water fall in costa rica! :-) Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel i need to move on from nx1 too and the IBIS is soooo tempting. but i also shoot sport photos so i need a ...
  • I put a drop of pure alcohol on the dials and rotate them with little force. it helps for a while. or user a contact cleaner.  but ideally we should send them to get cleaned properly.
  • The g9 does look awesome. I'm just can't see myself moving to smaller sensor. ill wait to find some raw files to check.
  • that kind of glitch 😀 also the left dial will do the same.   what's worse is that in video mode I sometimes get exposure drifting/changing while in manual mode and when changing a and s settings ...
  • I know what i was doing why i mentioned it :-) Have no interest to hide it. Besides all NX1s will at some point suffer for top dial wear-out, dropping some alcohol in there and turning around seems ...
  • Created discussion thread Thinking of selling my nx1 gear...
    I'm pretty much just postponing the inevitable at this stage... i have the NX1 S lens and some primes but also a rig and metz flash but i'm finding my self limited to my lens selection and lack of ...
  • Created discussion thread best options for 35mm lens?
    Any recommendations which ~35mm ~1.4 or similar I should consider for the nx1? i film shorts but im limited with the nx lenses. 45mm is too close thanks Nikon or canon mount? j
  • Created discussion thread Nx1 service center in europe?
    There is no samsung center in my country and I need to get my nx1 fixed. The top dials are driving me crazy and getting worse. Not sure who to contact Anyone had them fixed in Europe? It was bought ...
  • hello three nx1+ 1650s lens have an issue of blurred photos the first minute after switching on. (at any shutter speed with ois on or off)  At least that's the case for me.  after that they are sharp.
  • Normally i would too, but i am liking the DXO Clearview slider and going for a slight hdrish look. Tired of the normal ones :-)
  • Waiting for the perfect wave (added grain)
  • Created discussion thread CapeTown vacation
    Just got back from a week in Cape Town and wanted to share  some shots..... NX1 16-50S, DXO11 South Africa is a must visit! simply amazing!
  • he wasn't  using anamorphic on the nx1...
  • inspiring! very nice! anyone know where to find those cool lightleaks or how they did some of the effects?
  • thanks.  Premier...
  • Created discussion thread Spanish holiday video nx1+30mm
    Last February i went to Spain with my gf and i decided to take my nx1 and 30mm (i normally use the 16-50s) mainly because we'll be walking a lot and i didn't' want the extra weight, i forgot about ...
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