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On article Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ (61 comments in total)

is it as slippery as the note 8 ? i thought that was a trivial complaint until i had to live with it ...... mostly solved if it lives in a case ..... but then why not build the case into the phone to make it more durable, and more compact than a phone plus case ?

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...... on behalf of the primates ? how did they get appointed for that ? as a primate , i would like some options on who represents me, i have doubts that peta has our best interests at heart ....

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if the U.S. were a person, they would be recieving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia, but in prison, where they would be doing time for robbery with violence, and manacled because the previous psychiatrist got head butted ..... might be a few other countries in there too ... but the U.S. cell would have a guard ay the door.

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... Oh that is kind, and I think in return we can say time is one of the best U.S. political weekly magazines.

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...... and never posted a score for the panasonic cm1 either ... or did i miss an explanation ? ..... would have not made their other software customers like apple happy to be fighting for the no. 2 position ..... doesnt look good in the blurb .... we have the 2nd best phone camera !

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One conspiracy theory goes that the likes of PETA and Sea Shepard are or have been infiltrated by False Flaggers out to make their causes look ridiculous. This case makes that sound more plausible. Makes it a lot easier to walk past their collectors in the street .....

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Paul B Jones: How is Canon doing? Still in business?

....... most unlikely , but may not be all bad : cessna stopped building light aircraft and created a vibrant light industry in the vacuum , Rollei, Practika, Contax ( Leica :-) ) , got out of the industry and let the more progressives flourish ....... Northern Light got out of the way of Google ...... etc
....... still chuckling about Canon president saying they only use the best available sensor in their cameras ....... if he were born in U.S. he could run for Pres.

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........ is there actually any photography connection here ? would the story be any different if we substituted "small business supplier" for photographer ?

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retr01976: Save money on your wedding, skip hiring a photographer and tell everyone to take pictures with their phones and upload them to a centralized photo hosting service. Yes you won't get some of the pretty formal shots, but you will get a great selection of incredible memories that photographers miss. Those formal shots are nice for a while and make a few great framed pictures, but those casual phone shots are fun and tell a story from many different perspectives. Just my 2 cents, I wasted money on a pro and regret it.

........ worked out ok in the end ..... iit is probably good there are no happy photos now ......

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On article Leica chairman contemplates Leica smartphone (115 comments in total)

..... they cant even put a viewfinder on half their cameras, hard to see that they are the people build the fabled great canera phone ....

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GlobalGuyUSA: Hey SAMSUNG & SONY -- can you team up and put a Cellphone in an RX100 V? You see, I only want to carry one heavy thing in one pocket, since I got my keys in the other. Set your differences aside and do the thing.

Yours truly,

Make me a Samsung-Sony RX100 V Galaxy phone.

Amazing this has not happened yet ..... panasonic came close, but why not go all the way ?

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Photographers react with outrage at DP reviews beat up story supporting the nanny state.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 08:09 UTC as 145th comment

Please re- title it : some photographers react with outrage .

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The problem is that when one person dies on a train track everyone sees it and passes judgement, when many more die from not having a sense of proportion, or live meaningless lives devoid of responsibility and common sense it goes unreported. Stay in bed ....... no trains there, even though that is where most people die.

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Click bait. Would not have been a story if the title were correct, judge says " an action commenced in incorrect court."

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On article Fast Five: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V Review (434 comments in total)

hmmm, "best in class" ..... but silver ? at the olympics, if you come first, you get a gold, especially if you lap your competitors, as does the sony. The review is very thorough, and brings up interesting points on a more or less scientific basis, so is the final rating more a rating of the reviewer or the editors ? ie. showing where they are coming from in terms of non technical/brand appeal/ commercial/emotional issues ?

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Johannes Zander: I am waiting for the gold version.

........ or the special luftwaffe aligator skin limited edition

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Reinhard136: sack your marketing people pentax, you are just annoying people now. i felt guilty leaving you, but you are making it easier with these antics.

yeah maybe i would have waited a little longer if a had a cupboard of ff lenses, and did not need to move on . My sympathy to pentax/richo for their situation, and good on 'em for sticking with it, and i hope the die hards will be rewarded.

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sack your marketing people pentax, you are just annoying people now. i felt guilty leaving you, but you are making it easier with these antics.

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On article What's missing? Ming Thein on the state of mirrorless (734 comments in total)

One thing i like to keep in mind as the world pontificates on things like "what is wrong with mirrorless" , i think it has more to do with where people have come from, than a balanced nad objective view of results and usability. A bit like a sparkling wine is judged by how close it is to champagne, only because champagne was the early dominant player. A simple test is to ask, if the world had never had dslr's and mirrorless were the norm, would the person who invents the DSLR, which requires less battery changes, and has a different button layout, is a bit quicker on sports shots etc, end up founding a dynasty that eats into the mirrorless market ...... or is just an interesting idea that almost made its quota on kick starter ?

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