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Why are some people assuming this would mean the death of Panasonic cameras? Surely it just means money being invested in a more focused range of cameras rather than wasted on too many unnecessary models.

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Storky: The most critical issue with this lens is: does it autofocus correctly? That's why I (and many others) swapped the Sigma 35 1.4 for the Canon original. The Sigma may be somewhat sharper, but it just doesn't focus reliably. The USB dock is an admission of this, and represents a partial, duct-tapish solution. And being slightly off focus at 1.4 is much more detrimental to image quality than small difference in optical corrections.

'There is enough evidence to claim with certain high probability...'

Saying the evidence exists is not the same as providing actual evidence.

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I am not keen on subscribing to CC, especially if new software versions are using the latest hardware. CC forces you to accept software updates, even if you don't have the ideal hardware to run it (or the budget for computer upgrades). It's always been risky upgrading software before it's been real world tested, then again, you don't always need the latest features.

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AshMills: Id just like a Nikon native mount camera with A7S sensor, a tilt and swivel screen, onboard 4K, silent mode, fast AF. With or without an EVF. Please.

Bah, the obsession with 4K! It is not necessary right now but the 'I want it' crowd will probably get their way as the consumer market like to entice people to upgrade. The file sizes 4K produce are huge and the computer power needed to edit them is huge also. Btw LaFonte, future proofing and resale value don't feature in any companies camera products, why would they when they want people to upgrade every other year.

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Looca: It will be enough that this lens gets as good as their old 50mm f1.4 (+USB dock compatibility and closer focus distance) and it will be world's best 50mm autofocus lens. Just like the previous one was. I removed my beloved Canon 50mm f1.4 from my bag as soon as I bought the old sigma 50mm, and I understood that I didn't know what is a good 50mm lenst before I got it. I will chose this thing over the already-famous overpriced and overrated Otus in an instant... life is too short to miss the moments while rolling a focus ring... really... Zeiss, hearing this? Anyone?
Go Sigma. Bying this one as soon as it hits the shelves.

'life is too short to miss the moments while rolling a focus ring... really... Zeiss, hearing this? Anyone?'

Check out the photography of Robert Doisneau or Henri Cartier-Bresson (to name 2). They produced some stunning pictures with manual lenses.

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Very disappointed when this was released. Thanks to the rumours, there was me thinking it was going to be a full frame mirrorless camera and instead we end up with another bulky dslr. I would love a smaller camera with a retro (read simpler) layout that doesn't require trawling through menus to setup for a shot. Whilst the layout is 'retro', this camera is just a dslr without video and wifi yet stupidly priced. If only Fujifilm made a full frame camera!

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infiniti55: What an F-ing dissapointment that Canon and Nikon are for stooping so low to the point that their DSLR's are more geared up with video and have now begun to ditch actual useful features and opt for the video BS . Everyone is on this video bandwagon and it is getting stupid, I have a suggestion for the video guys.... Get a dedicated VIDEO CAMERA.

The main reason people are on this 'video bandwagon' is quite simply, cost. To get a dedecated video camera that gives you the quality and depth of field professional filmmakers require will cost tens of thousands whereas a DSLR plus several lenses will be significantly less. Since getting my DSLR, which I got primarily for photograpy btw, my film work has never looked so good.

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