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dpkoop: All I want is F0.5 1-1000mm macro pancake (with tilt-shift)

dpkoop, for $50 and below 10g weight. With integrated lens mounts and electrical contacts for all makes and formats. 10 stops stabilized and water proof to 100m. Integrated ND, polarizer and UV filters. Self cleaning glass.

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Steve Balcombe: Lots of negative sentiments below but it's not unusual for talented people to be multitalented. It'll be interesting to see how good it is.

An assortment of Statlers and Waldorfs

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Macro guy: An interesting exercise in the pointless.

Your comment?

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"Not Hot Dog"

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MHshooter: Should have had some kind of clock superimposed but it's an impressive achievement in astronomical observation. I'd just like to say, thank goodness for Earth's magnetic field and Jupiter's gravity. The Earth's magnetic field keeps us from being wiped out by cosmic radiation (as does our atmosphere) and Jupiter "sweeps" the solar system clear of a lot of objects than could hit us otherwise.

There is a date at the bottom left

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t6: And what write speed do they offer?
This would be more important to know ...

Try reading the article, instead of just heading straight to the comments section...
"read speeds up to 1,700MB/s and burst write speeds up to 1,500MB/s — that’s 1.7GB/s and 1.5GB/s"

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Mark Turney: Anyone else think “leaked” should be the winner of the most overused word of 2019?

No, "literally" and "amazing"

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Foskito: "Free APP..." Yeah, the app is free unless you want to add extra "cameras".

I don't see the point of this new APP which is basically the same thing than the previous one but now they want to milk customers a-la-Adobe via monthly subscriptions.

I suspect that they are not a charity organization.

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lambert4: I think the XR only has one camera/lens?

Two. One in the front and one in the back.

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Vincenco: Oh, I am dying... From laughter.


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Kinematic Digit: Just ordered the Combo Pro kit from DJI direct (strangely it was $100 less than listed here).

Looking forward to pairing my FUJIFILM X-T3 with it, and shooting the 4K 400mbps Flog with it.... fun days ahead!


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ovlov: My negative experiences with EF mount Tamron's 70-200mm f2.8 VC USD and 150-600mm lenses have pretty much scared me away from buying anything they make. The 150-600mm is getting "repaired" by Tamron for the 2nd time in about a year. This time around the VC and AF appear to have completely failed.

Now I understand why they have to offer a 6 year warranty.

Companies normally only give long warranties when they stand behind their products and they don't believe that they will fail in this time-frame. Items coming back a few times and the manufacturer loses money on it.

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On article iPhone X bug lets hackers steal deleted photos (65 comments in total)

"Recently Deleted" is not deleted. To really delete photos you have to delete them from the "Recently Deleted" album, which is just one step more. Otherwise you can always (30 days) go back to the "Recently Deleted" folder and see the image. So it has really just been moved from one folder to another, with a TTL added to it.

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newe: Bound to happen. Too many idiots have no clue how to run them. Canada just had a drone hit an airplane. In a few years you won't be able to fly one without a license and most with have some form of ID. It is only a matter of time...and this is a good thing. You do not like it, don't fly them.

It's the same with a lot of things. Some idiots have to overdo it and everybody else has to suffer the consequences. And this goes both ways, from a regulation perspective as well as the consequences directly caused by the idiots flying drones where they shouldn't. I live in Northern California and our county is currently burning. There are a lot of aircraft deployed to fight the fires. Guess what, if there are drones in the air, CAL Fire can't fly their aircraft. Just yesterday some moron had to fly his drone in a fire-zone and the helicopters had to leave. Luckily the police found the guy and arrested him. I would not be happy if my house would burn down because of some drone jockey.

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