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On article iPhone 8 front camera rumored to capture 3D images (76 comments in total)
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Matt_Anderson: Well sexting just got much more interesting ...


Link | Posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 22:41 UTC
On article iPhone 8 front camera rumored to capture 3D images (76 comments in total)
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samfan: Just change your name to JustAnotheriPhoneRumorsSite.com and be done with it, DPR.

Smartphones are the most popular cameras out there. I'd be shocked if a photography site didn't cover them in detail these days.
Now, is it strange that the world of photography has come to this? Maybe. But that isn't DPR's fault.

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tinternaut: I haven't had the email yet, but living in the UK I assume I'm affected. Trouble is, I like Lightroom. I also like Photoshop, but mostly use Photoshop for final sharpening (typically USM before publishing), and occasionally use Photoshop's more advanced features (layers and content aware fill being firm favourites for some problems).

I could get a perpetual Lightroom licence plus something that would do what I currently do in Photoshop*, but that's another learning curve.

* No! Not GIMP!

Try Affinity Photo. There are sufficient similarities with Photoshop to get you started I think. I was surprised at how easily I picked up Affinity Photo even before doing a tutorial. If you are on Windows, they have created a Windows version recently but no trial yet. There's a trial for Mac though.

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lickity split: Ha, I knew it was only a matter of time before they started to jack the prices up , my guess is every couple yrs they'll tack on a few bucks till your Adobe bill matches your cell phone maybe monthly bill.
This is one of them things where the consumer bends over for a second an Abobe sticks it in.

Sandy, sandy, sandy. You call the OP a creep, then you say exactly the same thing to another contributor.

I can understand that you think you are purchasing when you are actually subscribing to Adobe (as per your comment above). Confused.

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sandy b: Cheaper than a Starbucks and a pastry. Automatically updated, seamlessly. The cost of updating when getting a new camera every few years was far more expensive. Plus no is forcing you to do it, it can still be purchased.

Where did you purchase it outright?

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Svetoslav Popov: Like him or not, dude is creative with his business, i give him that.

From what I can see, the creative aspect here that concerns people is the appearance of an insurance sales app from something promoted as a gear tracking app.

I don't get the education part. Then again I don't give the companies who call me to educate me on investment opportunities much time either.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 20:26 UTC
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Leandros S: Title needs to read, "help him keep track of your gear".

People who misuse your data are usually not the people who asked for it.

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falconeyes: I like the app idea and many details.
What I don't like is that data is stored only on Jared's cloud service and that there is no tablet version. A true 'vault' would store locally and offer cloud backup/sync as an option, ideally via iCloud rather than a proprietary cloud. OTOH that can be fixed in the future, the potential is there.

We can safely and securely store spreadsheet lists in the cloud and retain full control without an intermediary app. You would have to have hundreds of camera systems to make a app and database necessary. Maybe stores might have a need. But I can't imagine why they wouldn't use a stock control system.

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LensBeginner: Uhm... spreadsheet?
Been doing this for ages the old-school way...

I agree. There's nothing revolutionary about an app that creates a list. For small amounts of tabular data, a spreadsheet is actually more convenient for many people.

As for the insurance, I would never trust such an app to give me impartial, non affiliated advice.

I just don't buy this argument that photographers don't know that they can get insurance and need to be educated. I'm sure most people have come across insurance before... for their homes, home contents, their car, high value items, and so on.

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Teila Day: How much does the printhead cost if a new one is required?

Is the printhead easily user installable? (yes, I realize that many printers require printhead installation by user during set-up anyway)

New coatings reduce clogs by what % in independent testing?.

Can printer sit a week and print w/out issues?

What has Epson done to make the printer more practical to swap blacks, reduce ink use, etc..

How much ink used in cleaning process?

How does it compare to the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 17 on a practical (not technical) note? ... e.g. what increased quality will a client readily see in the Epson print over the Canon?

Epson produces the best prints in my opinion (price dependent) but I still won't give Epson a dime because I view their products as poorly designed tools that I'd rather not have to deal with. I hope they redeem themselves with this printer.

@dinoSnake. Seeing as people are going "100%" in on this, I would have to disagree with you. From my own experience over many years, the Epsons have performed extremely well. As Vik2012 said, there are limitations with each technology, but print quality tops my priorities too. I certainly wouldn't use any of the Canon printers I have seen when I can get an Epson.

As for your landfill argument, I would point out that the brands that sell the most over time are the ones with the most old printers in landfills. HP and Canon would obviously top that list with printers that are not any less prone to obsolescence and breakdown.

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sierranvin: Any new Epson model is no doubt designed to clog frequently, then spew vast quantities of overpriced ink in its ongoing attempts to clean nozzles. This is what all their models do!
It is Epson's fundamental mission: waste, then sell, overpriced ink.

Erm... no.

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bundyman50: I was mad at Apple when they removed the superdrive, had to buy an external 1. Wireless is NOT always the most convenient..
Does Apple ever think to ask what its customers actually WANT in a new product???

@cosinaphile. Oh for the love of all things shiny, please leave Trump out of this. It's obvious what their point is. And it's a fair point.

Link | Posted on Nov 13, 2016 at 21:17 UTC
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Corwin Lee: As a long time supporter of Apple, I will seriously reconsider either to buy their product again. This step simply show how clueless they are on the impact by not having a SD card, it just say if you want to have convenient for your SD card, go some where else.
I believe Photography user is a majority for osx, so they demand us to transfer 64GB or even 128GB+ via wireless....
Good luck!

@Vik2012. You are correct, lots of people react impetuously when a manufacturer doesn't make "their" product.

Apple have done very well over the years from making decisions that some would not agree with. Every company has dips in sales at some stage, and given Apple's phenomenal growth it is inevitable that will slow down. But the doomsayers are going to wait a while for their predictions to come true, I think.

Link | Posted on Nov 6, 2016 at 01:59 UTC
On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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arhmatic: Terribly crammed touch bar area. Who designs this things? The FN buttons were that slim, so now the entire touch bar is just a narrow line. It looks as if they were ashamed of this, so they made it as small at possible.

If you feel it isn't working for you, return it.

Oh, It hasn't been released yet, so you haven't actually used it.

Link | Posted on Oct 28, 2016 at 19:31 UTC
On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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justmeMN: In their recent announcements, Microsoft totally "outcooled" Apple.

Erm... No.

Link | Posted on Oct 28, 2016 at 19:29 UTC
On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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AshMills: I'm looking forward to the next model which will go without the letters "p, r and o" on the keyboard, as a first step to a new unifying 3 letter alphabet. A new rectal implant (iPlug) will enable users to tense up to produce "pro" content.

Don't run yourself down like that, @photomedium!

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Vik2012: Dropped by to read some intelligent debate on this new Nikon lens. Instead, I see people who's only interest in the lens is to tell us how much their chosen brand is so much better. My brand had that before your brand. Your brand had to recall [insert some off topic product here]. And so on, ad nauseam.

While that kind of bickering may take one back to their days at primary school, discussing action figures with the the other boys, it isn't remotely helpful to an adult working as a photography professional.

I couldn't care any less what someone who hates a brand thinks of that brand. I don't know a professional who would, and I know many.

It's time some people switched their hobby of online hating and baiting for the hobby of real photography. They will thank themselves later.

Well said!!

Link | Posted on Oct 19, 2016 at 18:42 UTC
On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (235 comments in total)
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Khun_K: The original RX100 used to be my travel companion until that position replaced with iPhone until now. I have photographed for many years and use many different cameras of all sizes, the RX100 reminds me the Contax T2/T3 and Contax TVS which were my favorite pocket camera except even a bit smaller and much more versatile. The RX100 V is without question very attractive, SONY has in recent years delivered some best cameras, such as A7R2 & RX1R2 that I own and use a lot, among others. RX100V will be a tough one for me, particular now iPhone 7+ is available, not that iPhone image quality will be comparable, certainly not, but most often enough for many situations and more spontaneous. And for some particular situation, RX1R2 is usually the next most close one to me.

I had been eagerly waiting on the Sony RX100 V, as I have an earlier RX100. I'm very disappointed in the lack of a touchscreen on this new model.

I borrowed a friend's Canon compact a while back and got so used to the touchscreen that I then missed it on my own RX100 when going back. I'm also testing the iPhone 7 Plus at he moment and loving the results for quick photos.

A touchscreen is not a luxury any longer in higher priced compacts, but a necessity that appeals to those of us who buy the smaller cameras for shooting without the larger gear.

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cosinaphile: at this point in the evolution of iphone, one would think apple could provide a sensor larger than the smallest sensor in existence .i believe its about 15.5sqmm which is pathetic & much lower than the nastiest cheapest point & shoots sensors that were the bottom of the barrel... which at their nastiest and cheapest had sensors about twice the size of the iphone sensor.... the iphones iso of 25 perhaps makes sense for 1916 ... but is about a century behind in iso goodness and in 2016 is an embarrassment

an actual camera sensor of at least 30 or 40 sq mm is needed. the 41 mp sensor of nokia w pixel binning was a real step forward.. its sensor size is slightly bigger than 58mm sq about 4 times the size of an iphone camera sensor.. a 12 mp version is in my fuji x 30 & its quite nice for iq & iso latitude... its a 2\3 sensor, & its the smallest sensor i think cameras should possess...i wish samsung would use one. so 2 years later we might see one in an iphone .

Aaah, I see, cosinaphile. You are on a greater mission here to save the planet. We thought you were just raving off nonsense for the heck of it. You're not crazy at all. Much.

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BobORama: So it pretty much does what Samsung has been doing for 2+ years. Very innovative. Of course I can connect my samsung to a stereo with those old wire things old people use.

Cheer up BobORama, they release new improved versions every year, so you don't have to deliver all your "I don't like Apple or the iPhone so must let people know" comments all in one go.

Link | Posted on Sep 14, 2016 at 18:30 UTC
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