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On article Apple iPhone X review (380 comments in total)

> And it should be, given the asking price: at an MSRP of $999, the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten, which I'll admit I'm still getting used to)

Are you also getting used to Sony a7 Mk II or Canon EOS 5D Mk II?

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2018 at 17:54 UTC as 28th comment
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khurtwilliams: Interesting that cameras keep getting better but the quality of photographers gets worse.

The comment was posted in the wrong place as a response to another comment. I was not commenting on the quality of the images in this post.

@Barney Britton, I apologize if anyone was offended.

@dquangt I don't travel and photography is my weekend hobby. Don't expect to find images from anywhere but the east coast of the USA on my Instagram or blog.

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photo_rb: I love the idea of manufacturers building larger sensor cameras but on the flip side, the increasing quality of smaller than FF sensors is also great to see. What a nice time to be a photographer.

I agree with you. My comment was more directed toward the people suffering from gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) and the Dunning–Kruger effect. People with more money than skill always thinking that the next piece of gear will make up for their mediocre photography.

As you suggest, all there are talented folks out there who can produce high art on a smartphone.

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photo_rb: I love the idea of manufacturers building larger sensor cameras but on the flip side, the increasing quality of smaller than FF sensors is also great to see. What a nice time to be a photographer.

@kreislauf and yet the quality of photography produced worsens.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 23:25 UTC

Interesting that cameras keep getting better but the quality of photographers gets worse.

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Hubertus Bigend: This is the most straightforward version of how capitalism has, in the end, always worked: profits privatized, losses socialized. In the so-called 'social web' of the 21st century, socializing losses is just much quicker and much more obvious than it used to be. While Ada backers now pay for what would have been Triggertrap's own enterprise risk in the economy of the 20th century, Triggertrap continues to make profits with their existing products. Nice.

KickStarter backers are NOT investors. Investors get a stake in a company and assumes risk along with the company. Both have skin in the game.

KickStarter is as Hubertus Bigend described. ADA backers paid for what should have been Triggertrap's own enterprise risk. TriggerTrap took no actual risk.

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ianm2k4: The thing about these Kickstarter 'projects' is, it seems to be a no-risk 'investment' from the creators point of view. They get all the money they need to do the project (assuming they have done the maths correctly) from infrastructure investment to paying renumeration with no investment from themselves other than the time.

This seems entirely wrong from an investors point of view because where is the risk for the creator. They lose nothing if it fails other than face. That to me doesn't seem right especially in cases where they waste this amount of money. Incompitance comes to mind


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Majauskasson: The Kickstarter folks tried and failed but have been completely up front and deserve commendation for their honesty and forthrightness. They produced solid evidence of a product so close to production it hurts to see it stop.
This is pure capitalism and entrepreneurship at its best. Investors know they are buying a risk and should accept that. Stocks are no different. You win. You lose. Companies like Sony soak up millions in research without blinking. This was a solid product not some penny stock scam.
It was a brave and honest venture and maybe a larger mouthful to swallow than first anticipated but so close it could have succeeded. I applaud the hard work of the folks who tried and failed and hope the spirit of innovation is still alive and well.

Were this truly an investment then when the project failed, the backers and the project team would go down in flames together. What bothers me is that Mr. Kamps's company still stands while all I have for my "investment" is few dollars worth of cable.

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If you have installed the Nik Collection but still don't see anything in the "Edit In" menu in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom then goto to Lightroom Preferences ( Mac ) and uncheck then uncheck "Store presets with catalog".

I just got off the phone with support ( it was an interesting phone call ).

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2013 at 18:22 UTC as 21st comment
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raptorphile: I have been using the Nik Software complete collections for Lightroom for several years and love it. So yesterday I get an email from NIk Software with the latest version of the complete collections for download free. I download it but it will not install on my relatively new computer.

So I try to email support and cannot get past the infomation required to send the email. So I try to find the telephone number for support and it is nowhere to be found. Nik Software has become impossible to deal with since Google acquired them. I hate to loose the software but at this point I don't have it anyway.

Phone support link was added later today:

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2013 at 17:18 UTC
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Tomskyair: Update for those who are registered users but haven't received any notification and download E-mail yet:

You have to contact Google through the contact form in the support section of the NEW NIK Google page. My mistake was to use some links in old mails which took me to me to the old NIK page which for whatever reason is still online and does not always redirect you to the Google page.

Apparently there's no possibility to check your previous registration and product keys on the NEW page as you could on the old page. So I would recommend to have the product key of at least one of your NIK products at hand. The contact form does have a field where you can enter this product key separately.

That's what I did - you'll receive a confirmation mail that a Google support case has been opened - and two days later I received an answer which also provided the download link.

Thank you, Google for the quick and valuable support.

A number to call:

NOTE: This link was not there earlier today. I check just before noon EST and the only contact information was via email.

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2013 at 17:17 UTC
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3rdday: Could someone please post the email address for Nik support, please? Whenever I click on the "contact us" link on it just returns me to the home page.

There is now a phone contact link:

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khurtwilliams: The new software agreement for Nik Collection by Google:

1. Welcome to the Nik Collection by Google!
Thanks for your interest in the Nik Collection by Google (the “Service”)!
By downloading and using the Service, you agree to the following terms, in addition to the Google Terms of Service (the "Google ToS"), collectively the “Terms.” For clarity, Google's provision of the Service described in these Terms constitutes a “Service” as defined in the Google ToS.


It's the standard Google Terms of Service for Google Services. I find it odd that a piece of software comes with a "Service" agreement instead of the normal software license agreement.

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Spectro: Nice might pick it up. If you know how to edit in light room or photo, I assume you don't need these filter right?

These are actually plug-ins for Lightroom. You won't be able to do multiple image HDR and tone mapping in Lightroom.

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2013 at 14:15 UTC
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