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If the monkey returned the equipment it borrowed with selfies clearly the monkey gave them to the photographer. No question their the photographer's and the EXIF Data shold even contain his copyright from his camera setup and contain his cameras serial number. Now if the monkey use it on equipment and drew his image on the ground the artwork would be the monkeys as would the copyright.

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imbimmer: My concern is that I may not be able to use the software I've already paid for should they choose to stop activating the previous standalone versions if I have to upgrade my computer or replace the hard drive in future.

Other than that, I have zero interest in this "Cloud" nonsense.

While Adobe could do that they would face some legal battles if the do.

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Biowizard: The poll has missed my MAIN worry: potentially losing access to all MY artwork and creative IP, simply because one day either Adobe goes bust and my software times out, or I cannot afford my subscription any more.

It would be OK if the software could still open/edit/print images PREVIOUSLY worked on, even if you stopped paying for the subs. But that isn't how it works.


You should not have any problem like that if you save at lease one copy of your art work in a standard image file format like Jpeg Tiff or PNG.

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Actually I think Adobe may have made my life a little easier with this announcement.

Updating to the last few new releases of Photoshop has involved a lot of work on my part. There are un-fixed bugs in CS6 that effect me. CS6 still crashes regularly in Adobe module ScripUIFlex.dll there is nothing I can do the resolve that problem. If has been reported to Adobe.

While some of the new announced features in CC sound like they may be somewhat useful they are not compelling. No mention of better stability or bug fixes were announce.

It seems like the right time to regress to CS3 cut my losses and lighten my work load.

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I hope other major software vendors will see this as an opportunity and pour more resources into developing competing products.

Adobe broke areas of Photoshop automation in CS4 and has been unwilling to fix it. In CS6 Adobe introduce additional bugs into Photoshop and only fixed some of them. The Adobe Plug-in Scriptlistener disable new Photoshop Features and Adobe state that not a problem. Now Adobe want more money for their Products they refuse to Fix.

I'm also getting tired of Adobe changing Photoshop in ways that break action, scripts and plug-ins. I had to resolve compatibility problems when I installed CS3, I skipped cs4. Had compatibility problems with CS5. CS6 was unusable for the first 5 month till Adobe fixed some of the bugs. CS6 still has bugs introduced in CS4 and additional new reported bugs have not been addressed.

Now Adobe wants more money. Something is wrong here...

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Did the fix any of the Photoshop CS6 bugs?

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No iPad in my future this more then ever show me I don't want one. Perhaps if the Asus Transformer Book is released it may be more useful tool and be free from any Apple influence.

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On article Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers (154 comments in total)

After 5 month Adobe release an CS6 update according to Adobe this fixes 76 major core issues in Photoshop.

Ask yourself why did Adobe release CS6 with over 76 major issues in the first place?

Long time Photoshop user are still having problems after the CS6 update. Some have reported the update introduced additional bugs.

Will Adobe ever release a reliable version of again?

Adobe has not been able to fix the last three releases of Photoshop. Adobe just seems to be adding new features and bugs. Features like content aware distortion.

The sad part is there is no good alliterative to Photoshop so Adobe can get away supplying their customers with bug infested software.

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aris14: Seriously now, can someone claim that we 've seen miracles in Ps after the version CS2? Anyone with the CS2 plus the plugins that a serious user needs is almost ahead of the CS6. Pls add LR too..

CS2 has some serious bugs in scripting and CS3/CS4 added plug-in support to scripting. CS2 is not without its own problems. As for miracles there in God's domain no man will ever be able to create a universe. CS2, CS4,CS5 and CS6 have more bugs then CS3.

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camera4me: CS6, most buggiest PS ever!

Bill Gates states CS7 will fix that and give you great new innovative features sign up now and preorder CS7 it will be the greatest Photoshop evey .... till CS8

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On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (98 comments in total)

CS6 will become usable when its many bugs are exterminated as is its not a program I will use.

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Is this technology going to be able to display a view at the speed of light like an optical viewfinder or have the annoying image frame delay I see in current electronic viewfinders? IMO best suited for video recorders and be better large so you don't need to hold the recorder to ones eye.

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