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Karroly: Review says "Finally, there's a 'Custom' setting that allows the user to choose a different amount of noise reduction to apply at each ISO setting"
Great !
But would be even greater to allow to set the amount of color saturation and sharpening level and type (standard, fine, extra fine) for each ISO setting...

It actually has these options already. You can customize the jpeg rendering in camera with sliders for color, hue, saturation, sharpening, nr, shadow/highlight correction and contrast. Its a pretty simple process that the reviewer probably didn't realize was there. You can also save raw files out of the buffer after the fact when shooting jpeg. Which is a useful little trick when you suprise yourself with an unexpectedly good photo.

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On article Pentax K-3 Review (512 comments in total)
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hydrospanner: In this section:

Pentax fanboys who've spent the last few months whining about no K-3 review switching over to whining about the K-3 review.

Jeez, for a bunch that wanted so badly to know what the folks at DPR thought of the thing, it really looks like you were only waiting to pick them apart and tell them why they're wrong for disagreeing with you.

For as much as the average Pentax evangelist seems to want to convert Canon & Nikon users, the way they've earned a reputation as the biggest whiners makes me never even want to give Pentax a try if it means I'll turn into that!

I'm slowly starting to figure out what I'll do if/when my D300 kicks the bucket and there's no D400...I was leaning K-3 for a while, but with the way the users seem to be compensating for something, I might rather go m43...they're bad, but they're not AS bad...

The outcry is because for the first time in a long time, Pentax has made a camera that far surpasses the competition and DPR is calling it just more of the same.
They don't even mention in camera stabilization, 23 frame buffer, most sensitive af module on the market, largest aps lens line, etc.
Yet they're always so excited about the latest flimsy plastic novelty.

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On article Pentax K-3 Review (512 comments in total)

This review does seem a little skewed to me.

You complain about the default jpeg rendering but you can customize the jpeg profile in camera to get most any look that you want. If you care about jpeg learn how to use the camera to get what you want.

In your final conclusion you say that its only good enough for someone already with Pentax, but if you're a Nikon shooter coming from the d300 does this camera not answer every argument against the d7100.

You also say its not a camera for traveling light, which seems to miss the whole Pentax design philosophy. If you want the best IQ in a small but well handling package, with all metal build and lenses that are smaller than many m43 equivalents. You'd travel with this camera.

This camera outspecs the d7100 in every way, and gets rave reviews for handling, how can it score lower?

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