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tailings: Prime example of adults thinking kids think like adults. "Tommy, look through the viewfinder." "Why Mommy, the picture's on the screen." "Tommy, press the button on top to take a picture." "Why Mommy, the button's right here on the screen too."

Not really. Kids follow what you tell them. Even my 3 yr old knows to look through the viewfinder on her toy camera.

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Roland Karlsson: Dedicated movie machines have a totally different form factor. One that is supposed to be user friendly when taking movies, with a handle below the camera that is balanced, so you can hold it stable for long sequences. And then the other hand is free to either zoom or to just support the balance.

Now, I am no movie maker, but ... it would be nice to hear what movie makers makes of the SLR lookalike from factor for movie making.

Only "run and gunners" need to just hold the camera by itself. From experience, you need to be on a tripod, a monopod, a steadicam more than 90% of the time unless you're really in a bind, so the actual shape of the camera is irrelavant, apart from a user friendly point of view.

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yuyucheu: Currently Huawei P9, iPhone 7, Samsung S6, S7 have very good cameras. I believe in future cheap cameras or low level DSLR will be disappeared from market, because smart phone will be good enough to replace cheap cameras.

Already happening.

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B E: Fail. This is not going to be practical for serious photo editing work. When you spend 8+ hours a day working with a pen, you absolutely need a flat surface to rest your arm on, ie a regular tablet. You also want the screen to be upright, not only for proper ergonomics, but also for reducing reflections and glare (you need it to be dark behind you, ie no light sources that can reflect off the screen), and the screen preferably has to be matt. Hovering your arm over this glossy screen, tilted upwards to reflect the ceiling lights, covered in fingerprints... it is just wrong in every way.

You heard it first here folks, back to pen and paper!

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EskeRahn: What do you mean "high margins"?

They sell it at only 300% of the costs...

Sounds like normal margins to me. Restaurants operate on similar margins also for example.

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Melchiorum: Ricoh Theta S is much more practical, easier to use and maintain, and it's way cheaper. And though Panono has higher resolution, the image quality isn't much better. So yeah, to me it seems like a weird expensive toy.

Also, can we please stop calling 2D spherical images "VR"? Because they aren't. You need 3D for VR and a proper one at that.

2D VR has been around for a very long time, that's why people use that term.

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SimenO1: As an European reader, I feel like an unwanted reader when DPR don't even bother to quote standard international length units.

3 countries in the world still use imperial. It's the world wide web.

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Ansel Spear: Whilst I'm a Keith Loutit fanboy, many TL sequences, this amongst them. are completely lacking any narrative.

Whilst an extremely competent piece, this is little more than moving eye candy with a ghastly soundtrack.

It's a city under constant change and growth. There's your narrative if it was too hard to figure out.

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photonius: hmm, while nicely done, I expected something else from the title, i.e. the same view of the skyline in time-lapse over three years. These are just cuts and edits, all could be done over a very short time.

A whole buildings built in a very short time? What?

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