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Kevin Fitzsimons: Mr. Tetsuro lost his credibility when he said, speaking of Olympus, Sony and Fujifilm, "there is no professional using their products". Is he living in a hole? There are tons of professionals using their products, myself being one. That's a pretty arrogant statement from a representative of Nikon. It's just not true.

define 'professional'

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aaaja: maybe even a joke of GI?.. or maybe a marketing Trick/Strategy? .. photoshop is the least problem in the whole beauty and fashion industry . The whole chain of consumer behaving, production, saleschannels and marketing is of such distgusting proportions. Soon digital dresses on digital models will present new dreams .. then what?

high borax.. you are right. i

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maybe even a joke of GI?.. or maybe a marketing Trick/Strategy? .. photoshop is the least problem in the whole beauty and fashion industry . The whole chain of consumer behaving, production, saleschannels and marketing is of such distgusting proportions. Soon digital dresses on digital models will present new dreams .. then what?

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eMTi: Way don't you have your space station and you can call what ever you want. That is Rusia Space Station, not International Space Station. You do not have technology (all of you on the planet Earth, except Rusia), that needs to get there and to get beck. That is ONLY..ok..ONLY Rusia Space Station. You did not do nothing towards building the Rusia Space Station. No one thing in both Rusias Space Station. And you give it the name like you build it. You do not have technology duduly dudes. Way the Rusia aloud you to call there technology yours? If you can not make it you steal it and label it as you did it.

Just to remind you that this is second space station that Rusia build. The first was build in middle of 80s, which suggest that you are about 30 years behind Rusias space technology, The next year will be 31 years behind, and year after will be 32 years behind...etc...

I am not Rusian. I am educated southern Europian that live here.

to understand how many fine technologies it took, for those pictures to present, is showing, in many dimension, what humanity is able to. BUT long wars and misunderstanding , nationalism, rasicm and religious fanaticism causing so much pain on the planet we live, i would say: ..who cares... so wake up and smell the coffee? maybe? what is YOUR Point ?

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On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)

one only can take this poll with humour. AND it is allready 2013 - 'snow of yesterday' we would say in our country.

DPReview is in many aspects a intersting source for information - but most of the time. for me at least, a bit entertainment and definetly not when it comes to cameras and lenses - i found many valuable information about many aspects - software, gadgets etc..

unfortunately the site wants to be a source for serious (at last that is my understanding) - it is obviously hard to have material of interest to many on a daybase? so lets laugh about that grand endyear (-joke)

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i noticed, that the full names of the models are mentioned (some are at least)- i find this very nice and to my great displeasure many sites and fotographer refer to they models as 'Annemarie' or 'Julia' or like above as 'Amelia T.' etc.. not sure if this is to protect them form strange contacts or if it is still a chauvinistic habit..??.

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that shows how increativ CaNon (and others ) are when it comes to additional functions as timer, water level gauge, horizont , triggering by movement , by focus ... etc..
Help lines for architetural and landscape pictures , storing and remembering focus points, DOF calculations and sisplaying ,, Infinit calc etc. etc.

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looks uuugly... i mean the lens... but it is a tool and some have to work with ugly tools, some wth pretty ones ... ;-) In tis days i would assume things could be designed differently? i do agree - i have no clue of what it takes to 'inner' design a lense...

the pictures are just the way they are... not much magic in them. maybe because of high iso? maybe because it was just some test shots.

maybe the fun and the elegance in 'olympic' sport is gone... only pain, and suffering?

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Professor999: I wonder how much the Pro version will cost if this is the bare bones version?
Does this make the Pentax and Samsung alternatives more attractive especially to those without an investment in Canon lenses?

...the M-bajonet is not made for 'pro'

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Griffo59: Boring. Massively-underfeatured.

Is this really the best Canon can do after years of pondering on how to enter the mirrorless market?

Canon are now a slow lumbering giant. They have no agility. No ability to react quickly to changes in their market.

Canon currently have no clear class-leading camera in any market sector.

Unless they wake up and trim down and become agile again they are sunk.

Nobody got fired for buying IBM - remember that? Canon are becoming the IBM of the camera/photocopier sector.

i agree 100 % - .

CANON used to be the Nr 1. the High-end. Instead of R+D in soemthing so redundent as the EOS-M (no future in this bajonett (no FF or even MF) - why would you mount a L Lense on such an item? - while a 650d can be a travveling light camera and offers so much more?

somebody wrote the days of mirriors ar counted. OF CORSE ! as ferraris are, spaceshuttels, the sun, IBM, Apple ... just be patient and/or live long enough ;-)

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Brian Slater: The only feature that is really missing from this camera is built-in anger/whine control. Judging by many comments here, that feature is sorely needed.

Other than that, the EOS-M seems to be a well-designed entry that will sell well to P&S upgraders, and current Canon lens owners who will be happy to have a smaller, lighter, cheaper second camera. Canon has achieved this by simply removing unnecessary features from the 650 that play to the strengths of the mirrorless format: portability, simplicity, and reduced cost.

Sooner or later, Canon will release an upgrade to the prosumer DSLR range (70D and/or 7D II) that will include an improved APS-C sensor (perhaps with some more MP, better DR, better noise control etc.). Following that they can reuse the same components in a second M series camera and sweeten the pot with EVF, articulated screen, and some anti-aggravation physical dials. Oh, and extra profit. They will take significant market share then too.

there are plenty of arguments that deal with what is presented 'NOW' - predicting a possible future is not really helpful. read them carefull and maybe understand the frustration of longtime Canon customers, hoping the brand they invested in will be a leader. $$$$$-in lenses, $$$$ in cameras - and this 'thing' should be a subject of pleasure for them. it is as if apple would start to come out with a a fone, able to store 10 fonennumbers and send some sms...i hope at canon there wiull be some guys still striving for High-end.

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peevee1: EOS M with the adapter seems like a good backup camera for a professional with 7D, not taking too much space and weight (although I don't know how much the adapter weighs). But as an only system in your home, there are much, MUCH better choices from Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

simply : get a 650D

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my biggest fear comes true..
canon is INVESTING in a field where others are long time. AND Canon does no take immediate leadership in that field (that would at least dictate some respect). what a shame, what a time and money waste.

why fear? why anger? because hig-end equipemnt will be sooner or later inafordable for enthusiasts.
Canon could and should have the power to come into market with groundbreaking tools for High end Quality cameras and lenses. And boy there are still many things that would help pros and enthusiasts in getting superior pictures.

(Ps. thank you also facebook and youtube for beiing the a part of a tendency that is very ugly in my eyes.)

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I really see nothing outstanding in any way with these photos. They look like they could have been taken with almost any camera. give me a break - the 5d3 MUST be betther, then what is presented here.

aprils fool was 7 days ago.

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On article CES 2012: Canon stand report (42 comments in total)

"mirrorless"? what an unword! - why not "coffeeless" or maybe "tireless"??

So please guys stop that please..i beg

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On article Just posted: Printer Primer Part 2: Print workflow (36 comments in total)

I am so glad somebody with great know-how is sharing information for free.

Q: i could not find a descent answer for a problem i have with LR3 and printing. Pictures printed by any other tool are more or less ok.

LR3 did work for me under Wimndows XP - now under W7 64b, the pictures are dark and miss colourness. as mentioned same picture exported to jpg lokks ok.

It is a Epso 2880

It would be juts great to do some printing without exporting first.

thanx for any help
yes my screen is calibrated ;-)

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On photo Jennifer in the Definitely Sexy....... challenge (7 comments in total)

pls. Mauro dont missunderstand... but your picture winning 1place does surprise me.

Maybe the jury can explain? what made you choose this picture?

kind regards


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