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I wonder... Is that really more creepy than all the selfie-with-strange-sticks people spending time to shoot themselves or even the thounsands of CCTV cameras hanging around "for your safety"...
At least, I see some real useful applications for this one.

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scotthunter: Does anyone know if you can plug the camera into the Apple USB to Lightning adaptor to transfer RAW files to an iPad Pro? Keen to use this with the new Lightroom Mobile app now it has RAW support.

In any case you can use the Apple good old sd card reader for this.

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No word about the new "pictures style" jpeg engine wich allow to create and share presets (like on the EOS DSLR)?
My real question is : are those image settings still available with raw (or raw+jpeg)?

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Will use it with my EOS M to keep the full package compact and lightweight.

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gproietti: Hi,

I was looking for a good bridge to replace my old Finepix HS20 EXR that I use during my outdoor activities (when I prefer don't use my DSLR) and I was sincerely interested to that Sony because of its bigger sensor, because my actual camera have a lot of noise @100 ISO.
But looking on posted samples I'm disappointed to see that also this Sony gets some visible noise @100 ISO sensitivity.
Sure, it's better than my camera, but is it so better to justify that expensive change ?

So, that camera is probably great, but my question is : Is there an all-in-one camera that don't produces a visible noise at the lowest sensitivity ?

keep in mind that this sensor outpout 20mp images.
If you look for noise at 100% on screen, you are magnifying it.
Try to export a 16mp to compare apple to apple.
Or even less if you don't print big.

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On article 2016 Roundup: Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras (118 comments in total)

The graph for equivalent aperture is really interesting for what it shows.
But I would like to see a comparable graph showing resolution and homogeneity of those lenses.
If you emphasis too much the first graph, you run the risk to create a new form of "megapixel war" : "big aperture war". I think it's already happening in the "expert" compacts segment, where any new camera without 24mm f/1.8 does appear seriously crippled (at least commercially).
Look at the comments when the Leica X-vario came out.

Thoses small bright zooms come at the expense of homogeneity.
I would like to know wich are the less compromised, or at least, the ones with the less digitally corrected lense.

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Dieuwer: I don't understand why anyone would pay $1000- $1500 for one of these camera's. Especially the Sony RX10 III is over the top ($1500).
For that amount of money, you might as well buy a nice Tamron all-in-one lens and a APS-C body.

"Sony A6000 + Tamron 18-200mm (24-300) would be of similar size as the RX10 and FZ1000. It would have better image quality and the crop factor advantage would make up for the faster lens."
A famous french magazine has tested the RX10 when it came out. They compared it against a D7200 with the 18-200 Tamron lens.
In the end, the reflex has NO better image quality because of the tamron lens being so... average.
And you have a less polyvalent camera (no 24mm) when you DON'T to swap lenses, wich is the point of the tamron and all the compact cameras.

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Thomas Traub: I don't need a disassambly-guide!
I need a re-assambly-guide!

You can get spare optical assembly on the internet for less than 90$

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Sean65: Don't get these articles. What are they? Some kind of camera geek porn?

A diassembly guide for when, sooner or later, you'll have to repair something by yourself because the official repair fees will be way above your camera value.
The classic one is the broken gear inside the collapsible lens. Two options :
- you bin your camera (for one single faulty gear) and buy a brand new.
- you get a spare optical assembly for around 90$ and you try to replace it following the Ifixit guide.

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Bluebeetle: What's the point here? The average person can't change a light bulb.

You got the point! Education and knowledge sharing for those who want to learn something useful.

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Gal Root: No GPS. Pass.

You can geotag the G5X's pictures with the gps of your smartphone. No as straightforward as an embedeed one, I agree, but still better than nothing.

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mailman88: All cropped P/S cameras will be obsolete in 5 years or less ( blame cellphones)
Then enter the full frame P/S camera market from all manufactures at a very affordable price.

P/S camera means zoom.
FF Zoom lense means big.
Big sensor + big lenses means expensive
The required volumes to lower the prices won't be there.
It just won't happen.
For sure some niche camera like RX1 or Leica Q will become more and more affordable...
But it's not the same thing.

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david vella: Pointless toys. Nikon should leave this arena to the electronics companies .

M4/3s have this base covered. Nikon wasting R and D resources yet again.

When is their real mirrorless system going to appear, a worthy competitor to the XPro 2 plus lenses?

Nikon have become schizophrenic with their confused mission/ product lines .

Fuketa must be spinning in his grave !

Companies are going where the money is. Currently, selling compacts within 600-1000$ range is one of the most profitable activity in this shrinking market (margins are the point).
So, if you want money for Nikon to develop the FF mirorless you dream about, don't look down on product ranges you're not interested in.

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HaroldC3: This is like the update Sony did going from the RX100 to the RX100 II. Canon is still 2 generations behind.

You speak about the RX100 II with this 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9, no touch screen, 30s max exposure, no ND filter, 5fps in raw (10 frames) and bad IS?
Come on...

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caravan: Why anyone would want a touchscreen and zoom lens is a mystery.

Because it sems that you never used one... Been there, done that. before trying one I was also complaining.
Now I know and I like to select my focus zone way quicker than any other system.

try it for yourself.

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MSch72: where did the 40s exposure go? It seems the longest exposure is down to 15 seconds?

bulb mode up to 256s is available on g7X MkII (see canon-europe website)

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lensberg: Why couldn't they include 4K ... ??!! They introduce Digic 7 to the world in this cheesy camera... and leave out one crucial element that could potentially tip the scales in their favor...

Best to stick with Sony's RX100 series in this segment... Great IQ (with mark IV ) and outstanding video specs... They're always on top of their game here...

"Best to stick with Sony's RX100 series in this segment... Great IQ (with mark IV ) and outstanding video specs..."
Yeah great specs.... but incredibly bad handling... with no changes whatsoever from the mark1. Including this s#itty shutter button.

You know what? It happen to me that I use waaaay more often the shutter button than 4K, or slow motion, or...

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Gollan: Who is the target customer for this camera and what photos are they selling that can return the cost in a reasonable time-frame? I know it says "professional photography", but is someone going to hike into the wilderness with this camera system and stand in an icy lake to take photos? Certainly no one will use this expensive 100 MP camera in a studio to take pictures of clothes, products and food... or will they?

medical? military? Forensic? intelligence?

I wonder the "zoom" equivalence between this with, let's say a 50mm, and a crop body with 24mp

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Brandon c: Honest the best App editor I've used, it gives you so many features and editing options I'm surprised it's free

Except the possibility to import picture from where you want... Skydrive/dropbox/sdcard etc.
Making it strongly limited to the pictures taken with the mobile device.
Or did I missed something?

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