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Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6
DA 35/2.8 macro ltd
FA 50/1.4
DA 70/2.4 ltd
DFA 100/2.8 WR macro
DA* 200/2.8
Tamron SP 300/5.6 tele-macro
Pentax AF Rear Converter 1.4X AW
Kenko 2x DGZ TC
13, 21, 31mm extension tubes
8.5/1.9 (01)
K-to--Q mount adapter
3 tripods

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  • I just posted this in another thread Even back then we used technical tools for what they were good for: thermometer for developer, timer for ...
  • I took my first photo with Dad's  camera when I was about nine, but I can't claim that I had any interest in photography. I learned darkroom techniques from a neighbour when I was 10 or 11. I ...
  • Possibly not, especially shooting raw. But his question was about when he does. If he shoots JPG he could, of course, use in-camera HDR.
  • You've probably realised from the replies you've already had that you are asking about filters, not lenses. To elaborate what's already been said, a filter usually offers no protection to the lens ...
  • I've read your discussion with Mark so I understand that you want really crisp sharpness from (effectively) zero to infinity. I start by learning about my lens(es) and their sweet spots. If your ...
  • Two different things, as I explained. The mid-tones are too dark but the highlights are clipped (which I can see without aid from a computer - the computer simple makes it easy to show you). Solution?
  • I don't think so. Here's a screen shot of Judy's version with highlight warnings circled. Those tiny amounts of clipping don't matter but increasing exposure by a stop would introduce a lot more ...
  • Sealing is, of course, equivalent to enhancing the appearance of the picture in PP. Indeed. But that's analogous to the fact that a poor picture can't be rescued by PP. In both cases what we want ...
  • 3D to 2D is, I think, a relatively minor part of the problem. This Wiki link describes a long list of factors that influence how we perceive depth - that is, the third dimension ...
  • Wel, it seems some people don't. It fequently comes up in these forums that some people think that post processing is a substitute for good camera work. Setting that (wrong) idea aside, the point ...
  • I use Adobe Camera Raw for most of my processing; it's basically the raw conversion module in Photoshop but over the years it's included a lot more than just raw conversion. Lightroom works almost ...
  • This is because of the way your camera meters and sets exposure. Lots of analysis has shown that a large proportion of natural scenes have an average reflectance of about 18%. By itself that means ...
  • Something moved in the second picture - the reflected highlights show a clear double image. The question is what was it that moved, and why? If the floor is concrete that's not the problem but if ...
  • Replied in Prime lens
    How bad is bad? Most concerts have lighting that is good enough for most cameras. The first considerations are (a) how close will you be to the performers and (b) how wide a view of them do you want? ...
  • DOF calculations are based on a lot of assumptions. Individual DOF calculators may use slightly different assumptions. Your calculation is "correct" insofar as it gives the same answer (within an ...
  • Replied in Medium format
    ... and, as Moti says, should have answered your questions. I assume you don't use a medium format camera? Or even a large, whole plate view camera? Why? At a guess it's because although you know ...
  • I know your "cool" isn't about white balance but it made me look again. I think I prefer this slightly warmer version (top) than my first attempt (bottom).
  • My version, processed generally in Adobe Camera Raw then some more things in Photoshop.
  • He doesn't mean those parameters; he means the colour profile and tone curve etc designed by the maker's engineers. They convert the data collected by the sensor into an image; the parameters you ...
  • Replied in ah jeez
    Many of his famous pictures he saw only once, but he processed them in several different ways to get a range of desired end results. And, of course, every reproductive medium has limitations. The ...
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