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Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6
DA 35/2.8 macro ltd
FA 50/1.4
DA 70/2.4 ltd
DFA 100/2.8 WR macro
DA* 200/2.8
Tamron SP 300/5.6 tele-macro
Pentax AF Rear Converter 1.4X AW
Kenko 2x DGZ TC
13, 21, 31mm extension tubes
8.5/1.9 (01)
K-to--Q mount adapter
3 tripods

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  • That's the main problem - you're expecting more than the lens can deliver. More light would help, but not very much. Here's a test of that lens on a full frame camera. [Edit - I forgot to insert it ...
  • Basic principles first. A lens can focus at only one distance; everything nearer or further is out of focus to some extent. Our eyes can accommodate a certain amount of blur and still see things ...
  • I think this is swinging too far. There are many reasons to care about what other photographers do - observing them can help avoid making mistakes or give leads as to what is good practice. ...
  • Replied in Budget bokeh
    It would be hard to get less remarkable than "not all that". But nor is it more remarkable. As Aaron says, that's typical performance for that type of camera in those conditions. If by "bokeh" you ...
  • It's much more usual that manufacturers provide controls required by photographers rather than that they direct photographers. Over the decades the usual sequence is that photographers express a ...
  • Replied in Perfect?
    Congratulations on a world first. All photography is a compromise so it's impossible to be perfect - there's always something sub-optimal. Or do you mean by "perfect" that it precisely matched your ...
  • Replied in Neither
    Both are chunky blobs of metal and plastic; there's nothing beautiful about either of them. I don't desire either pf them but the Nikon is nearer the cameras I like than the Fuji. Neither of them ...
  • Replied in Convert File
    Lightroom, like most if not all editing programs, has a Help menu. Click on it and there's an option to go to Lightroom online ... Once there, there are videos of various types (including an ...
  • In case you don't know, with film cameras until mid-20th century you couldn't see the exact framing though the viewfinder because it had to be set above the lens. This was cured by the invention ...
  • You do - "wide" means that you get a wider view from the same spot. How can it be both the same and wider? That's like saying a 6-foot man is the same as a 5-foot man but taller. You can get the ...
  • Well, there's a source of confusion right away - f-stop and f-number aren't really the same thing but when I ask you say that by one you mean the other.
  • You've had several suggestions. A few are contradictory but even when they aren't people haven't noted that all the things discussed can have their effects; I think the poor quality here is the ...
  • See my post above The fact that the size has increased by only 2.5X is because you started with a pretty high-quality JPG. In other circumstances it ...
  • Easily. Just saving at different JPG quality can make a huge difference. Here's a shot processed in ACR on the raw file and saved direct to JPG with no edits on the JPG file itself. Raw file size ...
  • Replied in Buy one
    No. I don't miss one because I own one. But I hardly ever use it because its field of view on APS-C rarely covers what I want. Then buy one ... they include some of the cheapest lenses on the market.
  • They aren't stories; it is a fact. The key is the difference between information and data . Information is something that tells you about a subject. Data is just numbers - they only tell you ...
  • Come on, Don. You know that the 16 is the number of mega pixels coming from the sensor and that it will remain the same unless you deliberately resize the image. 20 is the number of mega bytes of ...
  • As between these two lenses it's a general rule that the bigger the zoom range the more compromises there are in the design. The 18-135 with a 7.5X zoom range is already pushing things - it is a ...
  • The Discworld is flat. Among Pratchett's reasons for inventing it was that he wanted a contrast to the earth: flat v spherical, magic v science etc. He wrote, in collaboration with others, a series ...
  • This is illogical. In the f/1.4-2.8 range the quality of the prime is infinitely better than a zoom because the zoom simply can't yield pictures in that range. What matters in the "better than" ...
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