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Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6
DA 35/2.8 macro ltd
FA 50/1.4
DA 70/2.4 ltd
DFA 100/2.8 WR macro
DA* 200/2.8
Tamron SP 300/5.6 tele-macro
Pentax AF Rear Converter 1.4X AW
Kenko 2x DGZ TC
13, 21, 31mm extension tubes
8.5/1.9 (01)
K-to--Q mount adapter
3 tripods

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  • "A lot less camera" is about "the gear you use". "Technique" is part of "the technical side of things". What you are saying is just a part of my second big thing. Both of my big things can be ...
  • It's been done many times before. If you are genuinely interested it'd easy enough to find threads with this discussion without me starting another.
  • I don't understand this. If I put a camera on a tripod with a UWA lens and take a picture and then replace the USW with a fisheye lens and take a second picture will the two photos be identical? ...
  • No it isn't. An EVF is better in some ways for some people; an OVF is better in some ways for some people. You obviously like an EVF but your liking doesn't make it better. I could give a long list ...
  • I work by studying the scene before pointing the camera, then having decided on the part I want to record I use the camera to frame my picture. That must depend on the lens. I doubt if the naked ...
  • As with most questions about photography there isn't a clear, hard and fast answer. There are many excellent photographers who study the ways their cameras work, adjust settings to suit the way ...
  • As I showed in my earlier post a millimetre or two can make a big difference. If you want wide, buy as wide as you can afford.
  • The other eye sees the whole human field of view; that does nothing to help with composition of the part that's in the viewfinder.
  • Start cheap; start simple. There are two big things that matter in photography. One is what you take pictures of (the subject) and how you arrange it in the picture (framing and composition). The ...
  • Yes; and it's called the Polygon Selection tool - on the same icon as Magnetic Selection tab.
  • Of the DSLR makes available (only three now) Pentax has good IBIS with a mount slightly smaller than Canon; and it's the size of the image circle for each lens that matters, not the mount size. And ...
  • There's not a lot of difference in their performance - some tests show one is a bit better in some respects, others show a different balance. This may be because of sample variation in both lenses ...
  • Replied in spot focus
    This link gives an general explanation of how autofocus works As you see, the system detects high contrast, which you have on the ...
  • Here's a link to the Photozone review of your lens It's OK but softer than a lot of other lenses, especially at the edges and in ...
  • Has it ever been true? Over the years I've seen many assertions that it is, some based on specious arguments, so with no foundation at all. I've never seen any actual evidence that either system ...
  • No - the assumption is inherent in the way you write about two distinctly different groups of people when, in fact, many people are both. How can you possibly come to that conclusion? In the 12 ...
  • This is a false dichotomy. It assumes that photographers and travellers are different people. A traveller might buy a postcard (containing a photo taken by another photographer) to record memory ...
  • It depends on how wide you want to go. I sold my Sigma 10-20/4-5.6 to buy the Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6. This shot shows the extra field of view you get at 8mm over 10mm. The subject doesn't really matter ...
  • Replied in Wide DR EVF
    That's my point - my dream mirrorless camera would have to have a wide DR sensor to give the wide DR EVF. Whether or not we'll ever get a sensor with such a wide DR is another question; but if we ...
  • The way digital cameras work is to separate the light in a scene into three channels. These are nominally red, green and blue although there is a fair amount of overlap. The camera's image ...
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