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Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6
DA 35/2.8 macro ltd
FA 50/1.4
DA 70/2.4 ltd
DFA 100/2.8 WR macro
DA* 200/2.8
Tamron SP 300/5.6 tele-macro
Pentax AF Rear Converter 1.4X AW
Kenko 2x DGZ TC
13, 21, 31mm extension tubes
8.5/1.9 (01)
K-to--Q mount adapter
3 tripods

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  • I presume you mean with the cameras in the same position ... ... in which case the composition will be different ... ... so, no, they aren't. "Crop" factor means what it implies: the "crop" sensor ...
  • Well, even if that's a primary aim, what relevance has it to your argument below? If a reader of a review likes the camera from the review they'll buy it; if not, not. In what way would comparing ...
  • This comes up over and over; photography relies on tools as well as artistry. OK; but you ought also to add my post title.
  • Mirrorless come in all the same sensor sizes as DSLRs so that's a wash. If long range is what you want there's more choice for DSLRs. When capabilities match (entry-level v entry-level, say) ...
  • That's what I mean about the lag not yet being over: but your headline is 10 years' time, and it's that distance ahead where I doubt the further decline. A large proportion of camera users are ...
  • You miss my point. Sales of non-compact cameras grew steadily for decades, then there was a spurt when digital non-compacts came out. That spurt was fuelled partly (even largely?) by film users ...
  • Compared to digital MF cameras, enormous. Oddly enough, the demand comes mainly from the young people you suggest can't be parted from their phone cameras.
  • That all seems reasonable until you consider professional sports, where results often go against form, sometimes because one player or team performs inconsistently better than usual, sometimes ...
  • Is this true, apart from dropping from a temporary peak a few years ago? Fact or conjecture? I see a lot of young people moving from phones/iPods to "real" cameras. Some economies are growing in a ...
  • I can't think of many occupations where there are amateur practitioners. Amateur civil engineers (my speciality)? Amateur policemen? Even that doesn't work. In any field where something must ...
  • As you see at top right, I'm not a member - option to Sign Up. The details pane is expanded here and can be hidden (and is on first opening the link) by the blue arrow head.
  • Study the lenses listed by each maker in detail and the difference is less than you might think. For full functionality I think manual lenses should be discounted - especially in the context of a ...
  • There are good amateurs who pay attention to the details, and work quickly. There are poor professionals who work to formulas rather than subject-specific details. Attention to detail might result ...
  • Fine, we all misread sometimes. See my point about the type of OVF below. Most DSLRs sold are the bottom end from Nikon and Canon with poor OVFs. Most DSLR users might easily be impressed by a ...
  • Which the D-70 has, called D-Range I don't know exactly what you mean by this but the K-70 has plenty of adjustments Which the D-70 has. That's not the point. Anyone wanting to economise by buying ...
  • No, absolutely not. Hybrid AF isn't about information but how the camera focuses. You keep saying that AF in LV is slow on DSLRs - hybrid AF is designed to make that untrue. It has nothing ...
  • HDR itself should have no such effect (as your very good examples demonstrate). That effect comes not from the HDR technique but the tone mapping applied by much HDR software. There are actually ...
  • So far, yes - it's a linear distance measured in feet, metres, ells or what you will. But now not: the DOF is influenced by those things (among several others) but they themselves are measures of ...
  • No, it's there for everyone. An expanding section to the right of the picture.
  • I hope my brother will forgive me posting this picture of his. Print it and bang your head on it - it will be less painful than a real brick wall.
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