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Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6
DA 35/2.8 macro ltd
FA 50/1.4
DA 70/2.4 ltd
DFA 100/2.8 WR macro
DA* 200/2.8
Tamron SP 300/5.6 tele-macro
Pentax AF Rear Converter 1.4X AW
Kenko 2x DGZ TC
13, 21, 31mm extension tubes
8.5/1.9 (01)
K-to--Q mount adapter
3 tripods

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  • That's you, not the advertising. If you can't look at ark of art and judge it on its merits rather than referencing an advert you need to work on your ability to critique something. No. It is the ...
  • As some have pointed out (but others don't seem to understand) the topic you are really asking about is tone mapping. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range (it should really be Wide DR but let's skip ...
  • Photography is using the way light reacts on a sensitive medium (film or sensor) to create picture. That reaction is affected by several things - the intensity of light at various points in the ...
  • Easy. Copyright expires a set number of years after the death of the creator. Definitely not. That leads in very short time to absolutism and tyranny. Think of the way the Nazis tried to shackle ...
  • Yes, you always need to try things for yourself; but you need to have some idea of what to try. Here's a set of screen shots of a picture in its original colour version from the camera (top) and ...
  • There used to be a member here called chuxter who swore by a program called  Barnack. I downloaded it once and found it utterly confusing and deleted it again. I can't remember any of its details ...
  • Do you mean tiny apertures or large f-numbers? The effect of diffraction depends on the physical size of the aperture, not it's proportion of the focal length. f/64 on full-plate film is still a ...
  • Mark has explained how he made this conversion from a JPG file. It's usually much easier to get good results if you work from a raw file; that's because B&W uses less data than colour and the ...
  • This is a good way to illustrate the way white balance works (sort of, anyway - it shows more what it does than the way it actually works). Here's an edit of a download of the original picture ...
  • This is additional to what Tom has said, with which I agree. Yes; our brains are very good at making colours look the way they "ought" to look. They can be fooled in strong weird lighting but ...
  • I've looked up what "artsy" means - here's a set of synonyms: self-conscious , stilted , pretentious , apish , artificial , chichi , conscious , posed , unnatural , airish , artsy , campy , highfal ...
  • Indeed; like walking is a hang-up by people who couldn't afford cars.
  • With your crop-sensor cameras f/5.6 will give ample depth of field in most cases; f/8 is probably as small as you'll need. Smaller apertures don't just increase diffraction - they require either a ...
  • It depends on how many filters and how many different lens sizes. But, yes, if you have a lot of different ones that's the way to do it.
  • There's probably a wider range of variability with the mounts for square filters; your choice should depend on the range of lenses you use. As far as I know the only real advantage of square ...
  • That's equally true of film. But in both cases more resolution on the sensitive medium will show more detail than lower resolution.
  • But we never view things in "a single glance". Our eyes constantly flicker over a scene (it's called saccading) and our brains hold details for a period of up to half a minute. This means that ...
  • Try this
  • Read the count. Put the camera in LV and use it as if you were going to take a photo (half-press for AF, for example) but don't actually take a shot. Switch the camera off, then back on and ...
  • Yes and no. When one or the other suits the specific photograph. There is not and cannot be a rule that applies universally. Yes and no. There are many factors that influence how seriously (if at ...
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