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Robin Casady: What a disappointing article. I was hoping for techniques for achieving naturalistic landscapes with HDR, but no such luck. Who needs an article telling you to use Canon in-camera HDR? Rather useless for Nikon shooters.

There was almost nothing about using post processing software. I don't think the word "gamma" ever appeared.

What a waste of time.

Natural3y3 - While I agree with what you say about showing a little respect, but as far as the author taking his "personal time" to write the article, Sammon is sponsored by Canon to promote the 5D Mark III and the 15mm fisheye and other Canon products.

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I built one of these, but mine runs OS 10.6 on 8MB RAM, and 1TB HD. It does get a little warm sometimes, and the battery only lasts about 4 minutes.

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dark goob: "almost as if something likely to test the quality of its existing versions was in the offing?" You're joking, right? The existing 24-70 is fringey as hell. It has terrible CA. The 5D Mk II easily "tests the quality" and really, that lens looks awful next to Nikon 24-70 or even Olympus 14-35 -- two other full frame lenses. (Get a clue: full frame means the lens is made for the sensor it's used on... full frame does not mean 135 format all the time like you nincompoops keep parroting from Canon's marketing dept.)

Erriv is quite correct. Dark Goob may be the first and only person to refer to Four Thirds as "Full Frame".

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