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that used to be call photography until a few years ago ;)

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)
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somename: Adobe puts down real money in developing their software, and while it can be debated how much they're actually spending... if you did not update to the previous version, then you did not support the development of the next version... and hence, you're rather freeloading your way with the reduced upgrade price.

To try and simplify it further:
You buy CS3 when it is released, and this helps pay for the development costs for CS4 and recover costs from CS3's development.
Adobe goes and makes 3 more iterations of the software, during which time you do not offer any financial support to Adobe.

Now WHAT do they owe you?
Adobe is doing nothing wrong... the reduced update costs are a REWARD, not a right. For supporting adobe by updating before, they reduce the price to update again.

Try "Upgrading at a reduced price" your DSLR next time, say that you bought a P&S 5 years ago so you deserve a reduced price. If this sounds absurd, why doesn't Adobe's practices sound sane?

I've upgraded since ps 3.5, now I'm at cs4 and I don't really see any reason to upgrade to cs5 or cs6 or cs7... what has adobe done to improve the software? nothing that I can see... bmb

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I'd be impressed if adobe could manage to write a data base that didn't crash all day long... PS is a very buggy, crash prone app... in fact the only software I use that crashes several times a day... $.02

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On article Editorial Lighting - The Minimalist Way (89 comments in total)
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thomaspark: Thank you all for your comments! It's been said that any art that provokes a reaction is a successful piece of art. Even those reactions that are unfavourable, unconstructive, inarticulate (or even flat-out incomprehensible) mean that you felt strongly enough to take the time to read some of the article and comment.

For those readers who seem to be wanting a glossy magazine cover shoot or whatever, I'm afraid those weren't the point of this article. As stated, it's an informal, unfussy editorial look. The cover shoot? That would be a different article.

Relax, lighten up. It's just photography. You don't have to like it all.

Kind regards


the images look like they were created placing a camera in a car with a woman and then rolling the car off a hill. absolutely no balance, or forethought other than.... whoa!! a girl, I'll take some images and impress my friends. (imoh)

the model is chopped up in very unattractive poses. unprofessional, and unflattering in every way thomas... and you're right, I do feel strongly about poor photography presented as a standard or guide for to be used to aspire other photographers trying to learn the 'art'


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On article Editorial Lighting - The Minimalist Way (89 comments in total)

the compostion is pretty bad IMHO

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