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As with the F-mount 18-140, Nikon is selling the lens hood separately. In keeping with the jacked-up price for this lens, they are charging $40 for the hood. Nikon really seems to have a death wish.

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If Nikon is announcing it now, it should be available for shipment by the 22nd century.

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Kodachrome200: I believe the folcal range example is inaccurate

I don't know what Kodachrome200 had in mind, but I find the presentation less than satisfying. What I would like to see is a discussion that begins by stating that perspective is determined by where the photographer is standing, and the focal length basically determines the image crop. Then, I would like to see it mentioned that the relative sizes shown in the usual image apply when DISPLAYING the print as well -- to maintain the perspective without distortion, a WA print from a given perspective needs to be larger than a tele print from the same perspective unless it will be viewed from a different distance or the photographer intends to introduce a perspective distortion into the viewing experience. Unfortunately, the above discussion of focal length leaves the implications for creation and display of a photograph unexpressed, and very few people are able to read them out of the clues offered by this kind of presentation. Or so ISTM.

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