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On article Nikon Z9 review: a DSLR-like stills/video monster (3182 comments in total)

That's what an ergonomic "relief" looks like!
Oh, Nikon! Yes!

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Cheapo Marx: All those scrumptilicious Apple product photos... suppose they're made with a phone?

Computer renderings with Keyshot or similar mostly, I always assumed.
Then touched up.

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Love my GR II (and its essential leather belt pouch ;) carry/use it much more than my Z7. (Miss a Z lens 40mm S also) iPhone is crude in comparison if viewed bigger than a phone screen) Just planned to get the GR III, but with this new 40mm equiv. this camera is the ultimate in quality/portability for me. Just perfect. Well done, Ricoh, thank you!

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Old Cameras: Sigma:
We know you hate ergonomics and we’ve got a camera for you!

If it had a full frame Foveon sensor, max’d out at ISO100 and the viewfinder attached to the bottom of the camera it would be just about perfect.


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(unknown member): Whoa, how's that reflection of the sky in the lake!? How'd that happen!?

The cloud reflections don't match at all. Looks fake to me :(

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What a surprise and what a disappointment!
After having visited DPR and L-Rumors daily for news on the FF Foveon for a year and half I feel a bit deflated, I must admit. I appreciate the honorable honesty and can only imagne how disappointed Mr. Yamaki-san and his team must be. I will have to make do with my two Merrils a bit longer then.
Though I was sooooo ready for a new Sigma camera. Hoping it to be a bit less avant garde than the fp. More like an SD with tilt screen (with portrait tilt like Pana S1), eye focus and an EVF sent from heaven. A half-usable video mode would perhaps be pushing it...
Oh well - good luck to the engineers!

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On article Sigma 45mm F2.8 DG DN Art sample gallery (115 comments in total)
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TheGrammarFairy: In terms of how it functions as an expressive tool, what is the difference between a 45mm and a 50mm lens?

As It is a bit wider than the 50mm it is closer to the human field of view, yet not as distorted as a 35mm. I think 40-45mm is the nicest FOV as it is the most natural in my opinion. What YOU might do with it expressively remains to be seen. Give it a try :)

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On article Sample gallery: Fujifilm GFX 100 in Japan (131 comments in total)
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JoeDav: I use the 50s for landscape and studio shooting primarily. With the 100 that usage will expand to include general travel photography as well. I still have full-frame for sports and other uses. As for the resolution, have a 30x40” print made... actually that’s my only gripe about the 50s and 100. The 4x3 aspect ratio does match a traditional standard print size until you get that big! Fortunately I do big prints for fine art and “wall decor” decorating. I’m also old enough to remember shooting with 35mm, medium format, and 4x5” large format film. The youngsters don’t seem to have a clue as to how much creative flexibility and processing ability photographers have with today’s digital cameras in any format over film.

Stofuitdrukking would be more like "materiality" perhaps.
A sense of materiality. Show the materiality of the subject..

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Charles Hull: If you have a chance, visit the Topography of Terror in Berlin. This is a museum with photographs and artifacts from the Nazi era, depicting in great detail the focus to persecute and annihilate Jews. It is constructed over the bombed out site of the Gestapo. This is a museum where Germany displays the full horror of the era, to remind and to educate everyone. To visit this place is to become physically ill as the reality sinks into your soul.

Hmmm, doesn't sound too tempting. Unsure I need even more images in my brain from this gruesome period. Hard to process...

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On a photo in the Nikon Z7 sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Best of the bunch. Like how you can see the green glow inside the light tube (by the base of the "T").

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Don’t they use live transmission?

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Flat out amazing!

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It does not matter if this is in Russia, it could have been from any country. Such misery, struggle yet sparks of life, love and dignity.

I love when photos show more than just a tree, mailbox or a car detail. Great shots, a great glimpse into another life that could easily have been mine if I was born somewhere else or was more unlucky along the way.

Eye, agenda and approach sure trumps gear.

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2018 at 14:30 UTC as 19th comment

Just forward the $500 bill to the Macbook Pro award winning design team. (Or the marketing team, who knows.)

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dpfan32: Again this confirms my concerns about the JPEG OOC. They got much worse with the current iPhone generation:
Too much noise reduction and too much sharpening resulting in watercolor effects. Other manufacturer like Samsung and LG doing the same stuff unfortunately even worse.

With the iPhone 6S the iPhone camera was at it's peak and now they are trying to make it "better" which results in watercolor paintings :(

Totally agree! I think it has gone downhill since 6 Plus save for the bokeh/portrait feature on the newer ones. Color wise it is not very tempring to let the 6 Plus go.

Link | Posted on Feb 6, 2018 at 22:00 UTC

I guess they did not «intentionally» want to make it hard to replace the battery either, then. It just looked soooo much better without that splitline.
In the landfill.

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"WEAPON"? What a BS name!
"Shooting images, let's call it Weapon, huh? Get it? Yaaay! Awesome, Jim! Cool!)

Making art is related to a deadly weapon, even war, now? Survival? So we are fighting eachother when surviving, not working together as a species? Another example of the stupid American glorification of competition, voilence and war. "Weapon", laughable.

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (641 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Yes I have read all your comments, but no, I have not modified my opinion. Since Sigma now make full-frame lenses as good as anybody else's , why should Sigma fans be deprived of a full frame Foveon sensor to match everybody else's full-frame sensors?
If I can stick a Sigma Art lens on a Canon 5Dr or Nikon D5 or D800 and get decent resolution, and 2000 raw shot battery life (regularly on my D800, with large fine jpegs, and no grip), why cant I buy a FF Sigma?

Is the answer because there are some people who dont WANT a full-frame Foveon sensor?? Because they are in love with "the sweet spot", the sensor's, not their own or their partners?!

Who ARE these people exactly, and why do they gang up on the sane and back mean old Sigma's APS-C regime? Why not North Korea?


Who cares how it is written as long as you get the meaning?

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On article Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro (53 comments in total)
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h2k: "This footage, filmed by CreateOne film production on a DJI Mavic Pro high above Norway has us all checking our vacation days and airline ticket prices."
I'd never go somewhere because of impressive aerial images. I won't see it as the drone did - not at all.

No, but you will get 3D, smell, sound, touch, gravity, wind, sun, rain, 360deg view, interactive humans and perhaps even a kiss from a real person. Get out in the real world, its great :)

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