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I should add that I now run a Lumix GX-1 + 14mm (and standard zoom when I need it) as a pocketable street camera which produces excellent photos. Plus, an NEX 7 which I use with a number of old Contax CZ & Canon primes via an adapter (when a slightly more bulky kit is no problem) which produces photos that are easily a match for my old EOS setup.
Back to my original point - if you are looking for a good quality camera with standard zoom which offers versatile shooting options, wouldn't a DSLR make more sense than a rangefinder which is equally bulky but has fewer options and numerous flaws (ie. the X-Pro1 & zoom)?
The whole point of the original Leica rangefinders, in comparison, was to go smaller which is what made them perfect for street photography!

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Having handled the X-Pro1 with its 3 prime lenses when I was looking for a lighter, more compact alternative to my heavyweight EOS 5D + 24-105, I don't see where this zoom fits in on what is essentially a rangefinder system.
The X-Pro1 is already big and heavy compared to the latest DSLR offerings from Canon and Nikon and is around twice the price of their excellent multi-faceted midrange cameras! So, what is the point in adding a zoom lens that makes the kit even bigger and bulkier?

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