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I enjoy a wide range of photography styles, however I am particularly interested in macro and close-up photography of flora and invertebrates. While macro photography focuses on the very small, on the other hand I also enjoy 360° panoramic photography, capturing all of the scene around me. You can find my panoramas on 360vrs.com.

Another aspect of photography I have taken up recently is multispectral photography, photographing in visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared. I've been focusing on flowers, some of which have hidden patterns only visible in ultraviolet light. Bees and other insects can see these patterns, and it is believed the UV markings help them hone in on the centre of the flower where the nectar and pollen are located. You can find these images on my Vis UV IR Flower photos blog: http://vis-uv-ir-flower-photos.blogspot.com/

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