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Keep using film !

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On article Updated: Nikon releases Capture NX-D 1.0.0 software (113 comments in total)

It works very slowly !!
Anyhow, Nikon must really modify it!

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Unconventional and nice,

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Another boring 18-xxx lens ! F 6.3 !
Nikon has been encouraging their DX costumers to buy faster third party lens.
Nikon ignores requests of many costumers for introducing some more exciting lenses.

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Lenscraft: Every time I read comments on DPReview, I'm struck by how negative and angry that they seem. This doesn't only apply to the Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony etc comments. As a response to this rather lovely scenic, I'm reading things like this:

"Always seemed blurry to me"

"Horrible image. To avoid as background at all costs."

"Proof, if it were needed, that even a good photographer can produce an utterly uninspiring image that looks fake."

Why are folks so negative? It's a pretty picture. Not my personal style, but that doesn't mean that I tear it down. Remember, there is a human being, a photographer like you, behind that image.

Well said! Absolutely true!

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On article Nikkor 18-140mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR hints at mid-range DSLR (181 comments in total)

$599.95 and 629€ in Europe !!
Is it really so different from 18-105?!

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On article Sony announces SLT-A58 20MP mid-level DSLR-style camera (128 comments in total)

"...you’ll enjoy image quality that EFFORTLESSLY exceeds your point-and-shoot compact camera, plus features you’d expect from a far higher-priced DSLR."

"Featured on previous models, Auto Portrait Framing has now evolved into even more versatile Auto Object Framing – helping you get better-looking, more professional results without EFFORT."

If I wanted to be a photograph, instead of changing EFFORTLESSLY my look, I' would learn photography !!
That's why some people have got no special pleasure when they use a DSLR! Finally, many recent DSLRs are just boring...

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On article World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners (298 comments in total)
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bwabl: This is a cheap ( and easy) way to obtain an award. Photography and judges should move on to better and honest reporting photography.

Is it really easy (and cheap) way to obtain an award?! It is really easy and contemptible to comment like that ...

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (706 comments in total)

It's strange that some commentators have been writing aggressive statements about Canon 5D III !! I (an amateur) have been using Nikon(SLR& DSLR) and a lovely camera like Miranda(that of my parents) and occasionally I shoot with other marks including Pentax and Canon. Some professional guys actually prefer D4 and 5D III to D800. Anyway, they are different cameras and for different purposes.

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Vadimka: I noticed how some people are predicting Ricoh to fail because its hard to beat Canon and Nikon in DSLR market. I will even go as far as saying its impossible, becaue DSLRs will no be a driving force of photo market in few years. Mirrorless systems and others like it are the future and its begining to become very apparent. (and Canon and Nikon have none at this point)

If you look at the most educated photo market in the world, which I'm afraid is Japan and review its number for Entry Level DSLRs sold last year (why entry level because its where the money is) you will see the following picture:

Two leading Canon models Kiss X4 and X5 (Rebels in USA) got 16.4% of market share;
Two leading Ninok models D3100 and D5100 got about 18% of market share;
Olympus E-PL1/2 and Panasonic GF2 got 17.2% (not too bad) and if you add another 5.5% that Sony NEX5 got, you will end up at 22+%.
What also shocking is that Canon and Nikon line is mature and Mirrorless is fairly unknown (2 years running)

Honestly, Image quality of the mentioned models isn't extraordinary comparing to that of Pentax !

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It's not at all an amazing news!
We will see...
Asahiflex, K1000 and finally K5, I hope a good change will happen ! lol

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Donglei: Great! K mounts united. They should have done this 20 years earlier.

Pentax K mount or K monut, was created by Pentax in 1975.

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