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I love the idea of the XPro3 and might get one someday, but that X100V is calling my name. I had an XPro1 and really disliked it: didn’t like the OVF and there was no diopter on the EVF and the AF was suyper slow-mo. However I love my X100S and XT1s.

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$3,995 is called a “budget” rangefinder? LOL. You can get an X-Pro2 and a couple of decent primes for that price.

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One stop faster than the amazing 35mm f1.4! Not sure if I'll get this lens as I already have the amazing f1.4 but if you don;t have that lens then this 33mm is gonna be something you'll want for sure. WR is a big plus.

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Cities 1st place in B&W is the kind of photo I love: it tells a story and conveys a mood. The person walking across the street with the umbrella makes the shot IMO. Classic.

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All well and good but you use a medium format camera for landscape shots and commercial work where Resolution is important and shallow DoF is not so relevant. If you're shooting at f5.6 and higher, then medium format captures more light than FF.
I wish Fuji had gone into the FF market but they do such a great job at APS-C that I can see why they skipped over it.

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Kodak Instamatic 110 film camera. My first "real" camera was a Pentax Spotmatic with thread-mount lenses. Built in Spot meter hence the name. All manual operation. Great camera.

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veroman: Just what the photography world needs. Another bag!!

The demand for their Urban Disguise series is super high yet these bags are out of stock and apparently not being manufactured. Not sure why they stopped producing such a popular bag. Not cheap though.

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