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  • Created discussion thread XS-10 VS XT-30
    I can't decide between these two.  I love smaller bodies.  I'm 80% a stills shooter.  I don't really care about the bigger grip.  That being said I've heard the XS-10 is much better in low light.  ...
  • Created discussion thread Mint X70 $299
    Picked up a mint X70 used that's on the way?  Call me crazy? Who has one?
  • Created discussion thread Ricoh III dust
    Hey All, What about this to keep dust out? Or does it normally enter from other areas?
  • I was thinking like cargo shorts or khaki's
  • Created discussion thread Xt30 pocketable
    Would the XT30 be pocketable with the 27mm pancake lens?
  • Hey All, I have a bunch of questions.  Decided to pickup a Canon R6 and deciding which lenses I'm going to go with.  I like to pack light, and prefer lighter lenses if at all possible..  I like to ...
  • I was looking at more of a cost comparison, nothing in the Sony range I was looking at is $4k like the R5.  The R6 and a7RIII are exactly the same price.  If they don't compete in IQ and sensor ...
  • Created discussion thread R6 versus Sony offerings
    Hey All, I need some subjective, unbiased opinions.  I'm a travel shooter, enjoy taking landscape pics, scenery and portraits..  I do some video but it's not top priority.I'm considering the ...
  • Created discussion thread A7rIII vs A7rIV
    I keep going between these two..  I can get the A7RIII for $2350 new and the A7RIV for $3100.  I'm mainly a stills shooter but do some video when traveling. I don't really need 61 megapixels, ...
  • Created discussion thread A7 iii vs A7R IV
    Need some help deciding on these.  I don't shoot professionally but shoot travel and astrophotography. Here are my thoughts and observations. Would the higher megapixel be better for Astro and the ...
  • Created discussion thread Travel camera - GRIII questions
    Hey All, As a travel camera how does the GR III do with kids?  Is it fast enough for say a kid moving around on a couch or on a playground?  I'm reading kinda mixed stuff. Thanks, Greg
  • Replied in No question
    People like to think they spent more, so it must be twice as good.  Rarely is that true.  More like 10% better..
  • The problem with that logic is Fuji doesn't make just OK glass.  Aside from the 18mm prime, everything is pretty top notch..   People like to think they need what they really don't..
  • Replied in The Brick
    Twice the weight and 3x the price.  Is it 3x as good?  That's hard to justify..  It might be 1.5x as good.  A little better in the corners, sure..
  • Replied in The Brick
    The 16-55 image quality is marginal better than the 18-55.  Sure if you're shooting professionally, but no way for the average prosumer..  Too heavy and not worth it.
  • Created discussion thread Fuji 16-80 shutter wobble
    Is this fixed with the new firmware?
  • I’ll leave it at this.   The XT-4 is nearly a flagship camera.  The x100v is no where close.    The cost to value ratio isn’t even close.     Over and out.
  • I can address a few of your concerns   I didn’t buy the camera with the intent of just testing it and returning it   If I enjoyed it I would have kept it.   I try to support the local camera shops ...
  • Created discussion thread Ricoh GRII Versus III - Newbie
    Hey All, I havent shot with a Ricoh and had some questions.  I'm looking for a pocketable camera for travel, and considering these options.  Why would one choose one over the other.  Note this ...
  • That's the thing, I don't think it's comparable price wise.   The XT-4 is a much better value overall unless you just love the 23mm FOV.   I'm not knocking it, it's just hard to justify the cost ...
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