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Corne Ferreira: Ok I I'd not read all of the replies but it looks good thanks for the hard work. I must be one of the few who like the blue on black , less strain on the eyes.

One thing that seems to be missing is spell check, you have an audience from around the world and English is not everyone's strong point, nothing to work my buttons more than a clown that insists on telling me I spelt something wrong, there must be others out there feeling the same.

+1 spell check

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Congratulations for the new forums!. One useful thing that I think you missed is to show somehow (indentation or a more creative way) the hierarchy of posts in flat view. In my BB I always use flat view for obvious reasons and it's difficult to know who answered whom.

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19andrew47: Top posters in forum not current. Haven't even seen some of these names on the forum in months. What is up? Perhaps this is no longer forum specific? Hate the black background. Can't say this enough. Trying to read text on it is hard on the eyes. Reminds me of 1988 monochrome displays and trying to do word processing on them. On top of that, just plain ugly!

CyberAngel, black doesn't imply less battery consumption in LCD displays, as they are constantly illuminated in the background and the LCD matrix displays black just hiding the backligth. Plasma displays do work the way you say. But as you, I find black backgrounds more comfortable to read, has there's less ligth hitting the eyes.

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