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moizes 2: That's OK, but next huge problem - battery life. Extremely short. We need half-grip(contacted inside the body's battery chamber) with at least 4X juiced battery. It is on market since 1992, I believe, so, what is a big problem, Nikon?

Do you mean battery life for video?

I can shoot 1750+ still photos with the Z7 on a single battery. How many are you getting? Set the camera on viewfinder priority and turn off image review so the LV doesn't kill your battery after every shot.

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GRUBERND: matches my experience here. best all-round-camera currently available. this beast does everything. and does it very very well.

and as usual: full stop ISOs show the increase in noise. for best results *ALWAYS* shoot a 1/3 stop below a full stop.

e.g. iso5000 has same noise as iso3200 and is significantly better than iso6400.

this has been a Nikon staple since the D200.

Is this 1/3 below full stop ISO proven or just a theory?

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