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On article Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card (47 comments in total)
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nolamu: Does anybody know if there is another wifi card other than the eye-fi that has Geo tagging build in.

Hmmm... I wonder why they don't add GPS info from the smartphone when showing the photos in "Direct" mode?

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On article Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card (47 comments in total)
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Preternatural Stuff: What we want is a Wifi-enabled SD card adapter where you can insert any micro-SD card in them. I don't want to be stuck with any fixed storage capacity.

I'll boycott all these till them make it like I want them.

Speak for yourself. I'm not so keen on a removable micro-SDHC. There is a card like this already it was posted on this site about 3 weeks ago, btw! (http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/10/17/PQI-Air-MicroSD-to-SD-adapter-gets-reviewed-by-DCWatch)

Unfortunately, looking at the Google Play reviews of PQI's Android software, all are fairly negative. Incompatibility problems, connection issues, etc.

The Eye-fi seems to be the most well reviewed of the bunch.

I'm much more concerned about price, speed, reliability, and geotagging. Upgradability is LAST on my list.

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welshwizard: Having done weddings, I feel the responder hasn't taken full advantage and ripped the bride to pieces..

As for the bride - I feel for the groom, what a life he has ahead of him. She dispalys all of the hallmarks of an 'armchair expert' based on the acquisition of a cheap DSLR and then wondering why a $3000 wedding costs what it does when using a $500 camera will suffice. But when she starts baulking at the price having paid out $15k already, I begin to wonder what value she puts in the oath and sanctity of marriage - she knows the price of everything BUT THE VALUE OF NOTHING

And clearly your response as a professional is better?

You've chose to BULLY and INSULT the customer!

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DioCanon: this tight-ass-Bride can hire a student photographer and just SHUT UP!!!

this is exactly the attitude that gives your whole industry a BAD REPUTATION!

just because you can't make the economics work for your business doesn't mean that you should BLAME your customers!

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ARShutterbug: Assuming that there is no interference, the free market dictates that the price of photography will shift based on market demands. The problem is that this whiner doesn't want just any photographer. She wants an "amazing" photographer, which is not the same as someone who just shows up with a camera and "takes tons of photos and edits them." I'm sure there's someone in her area who's willing to work for what she's willing to pay, but she's excluding those people while also trying to control the price of what she wants. That's bad economics!

We're talking about WEDDINGS! of course there is interference! The whole industry is set up to trap men into paying WAY more than they think is reasonable for overpriced services.

The penalty for objecting is to be swiftly convicted (without trial) of NOT loving your fiance!

Wedding planners and caterers use this "leverage" the most, but there just isn't any way for ANY service provider to offer ANY wedding service without having the "don't love me" gun aimed directly at the customer.

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mee: She has a valid point. What is $3000 worth of pictures that will last a lifetime compared to $30000 worth of wedding ring, wedding gown, catering, garden venue & decorations etc. that will be gone in a day (except for the ring). Wedding budget should be calculated as a whole and at least 10% should be allocated for your photo or video to cherished the moment. OR you can skip and save the 10% and keep your wedding day in your rightful mind. Maybe your friends, relatives, children and grandchildren etc are just not interested to to know about your wedding or how they came about into this world.

Obsolete math. It's not about setting aside 10% of your wedding budget.

THe overwhelming feeling coming from the pros here is that they're actually ANGRY at their customers for wanting competitive pricing.

You've got consider the market rate for services, and the cost of alternatives (such as doing it yourself, or hiring a talented amateur)

It's become clear from watching this thread develop that there are 2 polarized viewpoints on that the two views are irreconcilable. The pros will never give in, and will always be bitter. And the consumers will always question why industry insists on overcharging.

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dcraton: Being a full time working photographer is no longer a privilege (30+ years). 80% of all full time working pros or companies over the past 5 years have gone into business failure or are struggling. It's just business. We have changed directions for our company and are doing OK. Technology, the divorce rate, the multitudes of hobbyists and part timers flooding the market have shifted the entire business landscape in the last 10 years. No complaining here, but I wouldn't want her as a customer. It's a business first with marketing and understanding what a photographer can do to make a living. The key is to be flexible and find the areas that make money. Wedding money is shrinking for the true pro as many do not want to spend 3000.00 for one day (hah!) on a relationship that in the back of their mind may not last. The economy has left us short as well. So, be flexible. Seek good advice and add other related areas to you biz plan. BTW, I thought this was a forum not FB...:).

I agree, the market has spoken on this issue.

But as a non-professional photographer, I think I've got a different perspective on the $3000 that the couple "doesn't want to spend".

It's not completely about the cost, but also about the other options that are available for the same budget. When faced with being able to give the cash to someone who has COOL toys, or buying the toys to keep for themselves (and use on their honeymoon and vacations for years), it becomes hard to justify spending the money on the photographer.

I don't think that cameras and lenses are "toys" but most consumers do consider them to be high tech gadgets, and feel that the results come from the gear, not the man (or woman).

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rickpoole: Outstanding response Nikki! As I've upgraded my equipment to near professional quality and gotten much move involved in advanced post processing I can really understand and appreciate all the expenses and time involved in doing high quality professional work. I am a little surprised at the number of hours spent editing wedding photos - I would have expected a lot more, maybe even double the 25 hours or so (I guess I still have a lot to learn about automating PP). Being a part-time owner of a family business I can also really appreciate all the expenses of running a business. It's not easy, it's not cheap and it is getting harder and more expensive by the year as more regulations appear and prices continue upwards.

Hopefully your explanation will open a lot of eyes on how hard it is to make even a decent living as a small photography business and that current wedding photography prices are actually quite a bargain.


I don't understand why so many respondents feel slighted by the woman's objections.

It seems to me that the "professionals" leaving comments are clinging to an obsolete business model that dates back to the days where they were able to hold the negatives hostage!

I've got no problem with how anyone makes a living here, but the sense of ENTITLEMENT that's coming through is just irritating.

Nobody cares how much your gear costs, it's your problem. Customer's complaining about the costs is just part of the market adjusting the price that consumers will pay for photography services.

Patting each other on the back, cranking up the "LIKE" rating of the posts that support the PRO's pricing model, is just pointless, and doesn't accurately depict what's really happening in the market.

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Actually, this illustrates a deeper problem. The "event" photography business was doomed to a slow death when digital cameras started dominating the market.

The cameras, editing tools and book printing services for consumers are quite good, and its become increasingly difficult to spend a US$5K or US$8K budget for photos on a "professional" that will fight with you over the ownership of your memories.

When faced with the prospect of buying 10 digital cameras and handing them out to trusted guests instead of paying a one time fee to a "consultant", many people are taking their chances and getting their friends to take the photos as part of the fun.

This was actually possible years ago, in fact I did this myself in 2003! The results were wonderful, the people taking the photos were our friends, so not "interrupting" the event, and there was enough redundancy to ensure we didn't miss anything.

We printed photo books with http://mypublisher.com, we even waited for a coupon to print!

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