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coyot3: I prefer Darktable but ill give it another chance.

Actually you can have database on arbitrary location, but have to start darktable from command line with database location as a parameter. See the manual.

What bothers me with database is - you can not move it together with images to another location (like with Lightroom)

Personally, i have a solution. I have written small program in C (on Linux, in true Unix style - command with parameters), which makes appropriate changes in database, so I can migrate images and database to some other location. The program is basically string search and replace (in SQLite database on table with paths to files). It also replaces backslashes with slashes if I am migrating database from Win to Linux platform etc.. Currently program still has some bugs, and I have no time at the moment to fix them. Otherwise I would be willing to share it, if somebody is having the same itch.

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Gandolphi: Not sure if I am 100% on this but I think the coding also specified the number of exposures.
The previous comment reference only using a limited range of films is quite correct but I think the DX coding was aimed at attracting new comers to 35mm photography and away from dial and instamatic cameras.
Most forget that loading a 35mm camera, especially a Leica, was an acquired skill. Easy and automatic after a while but the “ one film to cover two Christmas and one holiday snappers”, wouldn’t find it easy and I think most photographers have had the experience of discovering the film hadn’t been attached to the takeup spool.
DX coding, automatic film loading and rewind all came along to help the snappers and make 35mm the preferred medium.

Gandolphi> I think the coding also specified the number of exposures.

Yes it did. It is said so in video, albeit claiming film length reading was ignored by most cameras.
Not Canon. I remember not being able to use more than 24 exposures, despite loading 36 frames from bulk roll to wrong type of (reused) DX coded cassete. Still angry about that...

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Scrolling down this list of comments, and even DPreview - how costly E-M1II is. All over the web these days.

E-M1 II is kind of Canon 1DX. Some E-M1 features are better (speed, weight), some worse (hi ISO) than 1Ds, for some we are still to find out (CAF).

If you don't need all these new E-M1II features, here is E-M5 instead, much cheaper.
Same as with Canon.
If you don't need all those 1DX features, here is 5D instead, much cheaper.

Price difference between both Canons is similar as between both Olympuses.
Performance difference between both Canons is similar as between both Olympuses.
Even naming scheme is same with both manufacturers.

What's not to understand?
Go bug Canon that 1DX is too costly.

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So this is how the the photographer - the last nonperfect part of image making process - will be made obsolete. Cams everywhere, shooting indiscriminately, and than pics sorted/picked by algorithm like this.
Can't wait for first Pulitzer and NG story, ilustrated with such "Auto everything" pictures.

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On article Holga Digital camera project launched on Kickstarter (147 comments in total)

I will skip this one, and wait for full frame version... Which will require you to replace batteries after 36 shots, to retain something from film era...

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> When in the normal position the middle of the head sits
> about 75cm/3in above the hot shoe

Huh, check your unit conversion software. Perhaps 7.5 cm

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Raist3d: I have to admit I am a bit surprised to learn it has the shutter shock. I have noticed this in my E-620 a long ago, but that is a completely different IBIS mechanism. The easiest fix on that (at least for the 620) would have been for Olympus to automatically disable IBIS at higher shutter speeds that don't really need IBIS (the problem in the 620).

Seems like the EM5 did not have that problem, so maybe it's a problem with the smaller size of the Pen? If the EM5 didn't have it, the EM1 shouldn't have it (good news).

I have also experienced IS problems with II. gen IS (E6-20 and PENs), exactly as described here. But with this III. gen IS - I have no experience with it and heard about problems for the first time.

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beavertown: Canon and Nikon should start professional grade mirrorless/mirrorless size cameras and lenses or they will die in 10 years' time.

So many people commenting what professionals use... I disagree that they use best possible equipment. If that would be true, they would all use medium format cams. And they obviously don`t.

What they use is best price / performance equipment for work they do.

And of course - they are highly skilled in what they do...

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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (354 comments in total)

Raw Therapee seems also an obvious candidate for this comparison. In latest V4.0 edition, it is stable, fast, free, and becoming more and more Lightroom like in workflow and experience (but has no "catalog" concept, like Lightroom) . In some cases I get better results with RT, than with Lightroom. It even supports Adobe lens profiles. Available for Win, Mac, Linux.. 32 or 64 bit... Lively community participating on their forum too.

If you find it hard to believe, go and try. I have no affiliation with them, I just admire their work...

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Which weapon systems will it be able to pack?

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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)

What I see in this camera is - putting the function in first place. In my book functional is beautiful.

Anyone remembers Nikon F2 Photomic? This was my first association when seeing this camera. (Go check on internet if you don't know about this legendary camera).

I see kind of deliberate retro design here...

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> So if you really want a full frame camera with an swiveling screen,
> the Sony A99 is your only option.

Who needs swiveling screen, if you can have live view from camera on iPhone or Android phone...

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So besides dust and water resistant cameras, now we have light resistant camera too. Neat. Must be first time on any camera ever.

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They do not mention but - does it takes pictures too?

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On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)
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Doug Frost: I've been rolling on the floor laughing since I read that dpreview is going to compare the SD-1 to the M9. I've only paused long enough to type this.

I shall now resume laughing.

Thank you.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is supposed to be so funny about that comparison?

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