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    SDQH + 105mm macro SDQH + 150-600mm C. Not too sharp because I had to focus manually. SDQH + 150-600mm C. Spot metering on the swans, which makes the background pretty dark, but it's plain day. I ...
  • Replied in Usual walk
    From my usual walk, SDQH :
  • Same usual walk, with SDQH + 150-600mm C :
  • Ah interesting. And I guess the window is not blown in all  7 shots of the set ? Maybe the algorithm needs at least a certain amount of pictures in the set where a certain part is not blown for it ...
  • Anything lower than 1 ev shouldn't bring up the problem. Or they could make a calculation so that the min / max shutter speed allowed is directly dependent on the step chosen, but that would be a ...
  • Replied in Birds
    Some birds from the garden SDQH + 150-600mm
  • Replied in Nikon D70
    Thanks :) I must admit I didn't take the time to read the manual, everything else I needed was pretty straight forward.
  • Created discussion thread Nikon D70
    Hi everybody, a friend of mine gave me a Nikon D70 that belonged to his dad. I have no experience with Nikon DSLRs, but I have to say it worked pretty well despite being 14 years old now. Bought a ...
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    with SDQH + 105 macro OS 2 shots focus stacked
  • Yes, I use sites like notebookcheck, they test srgb coverage. The problem being manufacturers usually have several variants of the same model, and you're never 100% sure they have the same screen.
  • Thanks Scott, I had more or less this kind of model in mind. Only the equivalent in the zenbook serie, which, while a bit more expensive, have usually better screen, with close to 100% srgb coverage. ...
  • So I guess you never use your laptop for processing files ? If you do sometimes process files, could you tell me how long it takes to open a file ? Thanks for the advice, but I can't wait 1 or 2 ...
  • Hi everybody, I wonder if anybody has a recent laptop with a Kaby Lake Refresh (8250U / 8350U / 8550U / etc) CPU, and is using latest SPP with Quattro files. I have to replace my aging laptop and I ...
  • Replied in Baie de Somme
    Thanks ! The 600mm shots are hard to get sharp, but it is rewarding when it succeeds :)
  • Replied in Baie de Somme
    Thanks :) I like the mood of this picture a lot, but it's hard to tell if it transcribes well in the pictures, or if it's just my recalling of being there. So it's nice to hear you like it. I took ...
  • Replied in Baie de Somme
    Thanks Larry :) The next day I took this picture, I was able to witness the first time cygnets went on water on another spot. Didn't take any picture, but it was a nice moment to witness.
  • Replied in Baie de Somme
    Thanks you for the kind words Mike. All long shots are done with SDQH + 150-600mm C. This is a great lens IMO, though it's of course difficult to get good results at the long range. But it is ...
  • Created photo thread Baie de Somme
    Hi everybody, I was recently offered a trip to the Baie de Somme which is a famous spot for birds lovers, near the coast in the north of France. I spent 4 days there, and wanted to share some ...
  • Replied in Vitré
    From a WE with friends
  • Opening file in edit mode is noticeably faster on my computer. Note that you have to enable pre-processing in settings, when you open a folder you now see the pre-processing "working" on each ...
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