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Urbex Mark: $2500 for a camera without a top display? Come on.

That was a good one! :)
Maybe if I could see it I'd use it. I need glasses for close up stuff but never take them with me when I go out and I never use it cuz I can't see it.

I use the buttons that associate with it all the time though, maybe that makes me semi-pro :p

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Urbex Mark: $2500 for a camera without a top display? Come on.

People still use the top display?

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (404 comments in total)
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rev32: What did the photographers say or do to that poor girl?

She's aweful

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Labor can be cheap cheap cheap depending on where it's made.

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Fazal Majid: Being made of 52 or 64 individual pieces is a bug, not a feature, as it compromises strength, and is usually a corner cut on cheap leather goods. A single piece of contiguous leather is more expensive than smaller scraps sewn together, but the single-piece construction is far more solid.

In other words, this is a piece of junk that is trying to spin low quality into a benefit with hipster marketing.

Someone in the accounting team figured out a good way to make money off what they would usually throw away.

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