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On article Fujifilm GFX100 sets new benchmark in our studio scene (227 comments in total)
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keepreal: For those who need such extremely high standards, such cameras as the GFX 100 and 50R are very, very impressive but so what. Is there 1% among you who really needs this? You have to set a limit to your ambitions and come down to reality, after all, unless of course you are very wealthy and highly acquisitive, or a professional taking pictures to be used on hoardings for advertising.

Just out of curiosity, I downloaded the JPGs from the GFX 50R and the D610, which I own, and viewed portions of each at the same image size, about 100% and 92% respectively, although I do not remember the exact figures. However the lenses used had very different focal lengths, also different apertures, so I am not sure how valid a comparison this is. The GFX made my D610 look pretty terrible. However, I do not need such incredible quality and such extremely large size images to show the differences. I am not intending to paper all the walls of my living room with one images wrapped all around it.

I guess I am part of the 1% as a archival reproduction specialist. When trying to capture extreme details of museum grade objects and artwork there is never enough initial megapixel available imo.

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perry rhodan: Really hope that Nikon isnt the next Minolta! Doesnt look good.

Hey now. Minolta is doing GREAT selling digital presses these days.

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