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awesome. Sure hope the IQ is great. Was thinkung G1x but the f1.8 lens is perfect..

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Its a nice addition to Lightroom 4. Been using it for a while now and quite enjoy how quick one can edit an image and share through various ports of social networking and so on and so forth.

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Wow, some spectacular samples with beautiful bokeh.. well done Olympus.

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Damn, M43's is just banging out High End Optics for their system. Im loving this new release. Fantastic Focal Length.

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a big round of applause for Panny producing a solid fast zoom lense. MFT is getting more and more exciting.

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Stanny1: Whoopee! Because of the 2x crop factor, you pay a fortune for only a 24mm equivalent. If that lens was on my Sony NEX-3, I would have my 18mm true wide angle. Wait. I have the Sony Wide-Angle adapter on my 16mm NEX-3 from the factory. So I got my 18mm for only $90.00! Nothing like having an APS-C sensor instead of the point and shoot sized one in the 4/3 system!

How many highend optics for your Nex can you get?

The gap has been bridged in IQ by MFT and surpassed by Optical superiory not to mention OMD does much better as an all around body then your NEX.

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This is a great addition to the MFT lens lineup and makes the purchase of the OMD EM5 even better adding a fast zoom with weathersealing. NEX better start releasing some good lenses because Mft is really creating a beautiful and optically excellent lens array.

Now Sony is starting to look like the P&S with slow lenses and fugly cameras.

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I thought the Pentax was ugly... Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winnnnnnner

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Louis_Dobson: I borrowed one for an afternoon and was blown away. I've done the FF Nikon thing (for four years) and for my kind of shooting all the humping kit around was a pain, it spoiled my hobby - hence my switch to the OM-D.

But if you don't have that problem, this thing is the dog's danglies, absolutely no doubt at all. Buy two!

82% does not begin to cover it.

How are you making out with the OMD? IM still waiting!!!

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is it gonna make the AF even worse????

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cinemascope: Hmmm... things are starting to get better...

Isn't that the TRUTH...

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My Gawd, I thought the Pentax K0-1 was ugly but no, Panasonic takes the cake.. This is absolutely the most atrocious looking camera...

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there is just simply way to much competition in the market as of today. t3i,nikon d5100, MFT cameras, sony new 5n and the list goes on. I will give it has a all in one uniqueness to it and good IQ.. For some it works and other not so much..

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Oh yeah. This just looks terrific. I am so looking forward to the release of this beautiful camera. Pretty well checks every box that I require in a camera. The noise profile is very well controlled and like one of the other posters said, the blacks are really good and the gradations IMO are a move in the right direction.

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isnt this shot with a d7000?

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amblepath: I think that picture of the whole stable of 4/3 lenses with the Om-D made the nex system seem pretty sparce. This announcement is I think a 'don't jump ship they are coming' type of announcement.

I think you nailed it. MFT lens array far exceeds that of the NEX. Just on what M43 has to NEx has me contemplating the purchase of the OMD

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