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Dr_Jon: IMHO a non-issue, worth a read:



"every news article I’ve seen has failed to incorporate those (rules for requiring a permit) into its story ...

Still photography—use of still photographic equipment on National Forest System lands that takes place at a location where members of the public generally are not allowed or where additional administrative costs are likely, or uses models, sets, or props that are not a part of the site’s natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities.

Commercial filming—use of motion picture, videotaping, sound recording, or any other moving image or audio recording equipment on National Forest System lands that involves the advertisement of a product or service, the creation of a product for sale, or the use of models, actors, sets, or props, but not including activities associated with broadcasting breaking news"

When the "news" is collecting the news is that a professional use? I think so! Guess they will have to pay too. Leave the american indians out of this discussion, that is not what this is about, besides they need their own forum to even come close to doing them any small amount of justice. Just because you have a nice rig doesn't make you a professional. Even if you are a professional & taking pictures in a park doesn't mean you are not on vacation. And if if you are selling photos doesn't mean you could pay 1000 bucks for taking the pictures & make a profit on those photos. Wouldn't the taxes you pay on the profits of any photo you actually sold be enough for Greedy Sam. And hey, isn't this all a bunch of crap, because if the government would treat the taxes they collect like it was money they actually earned & not waste it & really show some financial responseability we might not mind paying taxes in the first place & they would not need to rob us everytime we take a picture.

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Smeggypants: One of the world's most extreme acts of terrorism. We should never forget so that such a repulsive act never happens again!!!

They wanted a war they got it, and than they made it worse when they wouldn't surrender after the first bomb. They would have made slaves of us had they been victorious. Instead we made them a strong economic country.

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It is good to know that there are people who care about others though they may not know them. They connected because of this camera. Call it fate. Has someone you don't know done something nice & unexpected for you??? As they say, "pass it forward".

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Pantyhose Bandit: The 1 series is interesting. The prices just knock it out of the ballpark though. I can get a darned good SLR system for what it costs. I can just buy a smart phone if all I want is quick, easy photos. It seems to be trying to create a market where there is none.

Knocking it out of the ball park is called a home run. Are you saying that Nikon knocked it out of the ball park with this model? The camera has some very good features but it is hardly complete & the price is just stupid. Everything that helps complete the physical properties of what this camera should be is an add on. I call that being nickle & dimed!

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I'm speechless.I would like to say I would love this job, but I doubt I'd be good at it. And this is a job you have to be very, very, good at. My hat is off to Mr. Bonner.

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A little glue & its all good. Isn't that what Factory Refurb is all about???

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hectorsm: I currently own nine 3rd party batteries for several different cameras. Some of the batteries are around 10 years old. None of them have ever failed or overheated. I'm yet to see any statistics or numbers that point to 3rd party batteries causing damage to Nikon cameras.

I believe Nikon reason for the firmware block are pure marketing. Nothing else, just that.

If a Nikon user wants to take a "chance" they should have the choice! I think it is better for Nikon sales if they don't try to restrict their customers choices. The best way to restrict their customers choice would be to make sure that they offer better choices at better prices. I became a Nikon user because because of the fine optical standards. Lately I see a lot of 3rd party glass that is higher quality & at almost half the price of Nikon brand lenses. That is not good if they want to put up hurdles so I have to use Nikon second rate products!
Come on Nikon, get your act together.


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Blur does not equal nice bokeh. And this just looks like a very unaturul blur. You shouldn't have focus blur on the plane of focus.

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I used Aperture for years & I became very fond of it. Very good program. Didn't care for it for printing. It has a major flaw. It is an Apple program. I am using a PC these days as it is much more powerful than a Mac for a lot less cash. And it can handle the large files I now work with so much faster. It does look like there are many alternatives to PS. Adobes attitude about giving us one choice is crazy. This is a big company & should be giving us the choice & not ramming cloud down our throat.


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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (352 comments in total)

On One Is another alternative. I'm still exploring it but it looks like it might be a good substitute for PS 6.

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I love to see the m4/3 & 4/3 grow. The systems keep get larger & better. I shot an Olympus half frame for many years & still have that camera. Of course I shoot digital now & moved to full frame 2 years ago.
I don't understand the attitudes that many photographers have against what the other guy uses for their tools of choice to photograph with. I think it is great that we all have so much to choose from to create. Do we have to be so petty & jealous? I can shoot my 1.2 at dinner with out a flash & the other guy had to use a flash??? WTF! That may have been a choice? And all the people using cell phones think all these "big" cameras are crazy & not needed at all.
These are just choices & need no justification. If you see me in the field please say Hi & if you have time to chat show me your grear. I'm sure I will like it & hope to learn its best features. I doubt my FF is any better than yours. We all love taking pictures.


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This is very fragile sandstone & is too beautiful to destroy. There is a reason for it to be hard to get permits to get to see thiscreation of nature. I have been there when college studends played on it like it was Disneyland. If you are ever lucky enough to see this please treat it with great respect. And leave your skate board at home. This area is teaming with what are referred to as finns. But in the wave almost all have been destroyed by careless people just not paying attention to where they step. And of course by people who simply must have a souvineer.

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Zebooka: and then... finally... Lensbaby will invent tilt-shift lens :)

A niche lens, for a niche camera(Pentax).

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Jeff Morris: Tokina is the only 3rd party manufacturer that I have real respect for. The only negative about Tokina lenses are their propensity to demonstrate higher than normal levels of CA. However, build and performance are usually on par with the big boys.

What about Zeiss 3rd party lens? No respect for them?


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On photo DSC_0036 in the Landscape: mystery landmark challenge (2 comments in total)

Broken Bow

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On photo Landmark in the Landscape: mystery landmark challenge (5 comments in total)

Looks like Coyote Gulch in Escalante

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And you wonder how the saying "kill all the lawyers" came about. This is crazy, they didn't steal HIS image but have set up a scene that is kind of along the same lines. Geeze, all the portraits I've made over the years, someone did them before me!!! I am in deep do-do. Well I suppose I only have my house & my camera so I may not be a target. But it's an expensive camera. Hmmmmm???

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eadrian75: Those who are quick to pass judgment based solely on sensor size, without any hard proof of actual IQ or handling of the Q are those who enjoy the pixel peeping "dark side" of photography.

I think odds are good that PENTAX was not thinking of you when producing this camera. So please continue posting your lame duck, pixel perfect shots of bricks and flowers.

The Q looks like it could be fun and isn't that what photography is supposed to be when you're not making a living from it? Granted the $800 price tag is a bit to swallow right now, but I applaud the bold move by PENTAX.

If you are a pentax fan-boy great, buy the camera. The dark side is Nikon not pixel peepers. Surely you can see this camera does not have much bang for the buck. And if you decide to come over to the Dark side that's OK too.

Good luck,


PS: Don't cameras with sensors that small normally retail for under 200 bucks?

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On photo Morning Greeting in the Limited Depth of Focus - Great Bokeh! challenge (2 comments in total)

Just a beautiful picture. You have great vision.


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