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AbrasiveReducer: They re-introduced the Thunderbird, it was a great looking car and it bombed. There is no Yashica, only the name remains.

My Yashica TLR was a beautiful camera, with finely detailed chrome pieces. This camera looks like a cheap knock-off of a retro design.

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This gives the Juicero juice machine a run for its money

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tr573: In a world where I could buy a camera that imprinted the hulkster on my photos as a child, this is quite possibly the dumbest camera gimmick I've ever seen.

At least they didn't make you mail in the SD card to have it 'developed', haha.

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A similar manual-only version of this lens is the Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f2.8. I have this lens. Excellent lens - compact and tack-sharp, with low distortion. I chose this lens over the Canon because it is better for manual focusing, due to its long throw and more accurate depth-of-field scale. The only thing that isn't perfect with this lens is flare control. Oddly enough, flare control is excellent in harsh sunlight, but sometimes there's loss of contrast (at the edges) during cloudy conditions.

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Kevin Coppalotti: I dunno, very hard to assess the scale, -needs an oil drilling rig or japanese whaling ship in the foreground.

One of Mr. Trump's beautiful oil rigs (like his beautiful wall in the desert)

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matthew saville: All of a sudden I feel like browsing again...

What the late Christopher Hitchens said about writers can be applied to all artists: “Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that's where it should stay.”

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iudex: Nice roadtrip, the article and the photos created a sentimental mood and desire for travelling.
However I cannot stop thinking that many pics ask for a wider angle of view; 35mm eq is simply not wide enough for landscapes and travelling. 28 or 24mm would be better. So as usual I come to the conclusion that for me a fixed prime lens compact is not an ideal travel cam. A 24-70mm eq. would be so much more useful. When staying with Fuji and prime lenses, an XT-20 + 14mm + 23mm + 50mm would be much more helpful.

My travel kit is a Sony A7 with a 28mm prime and a 50mm. I find that I don't need a 35mm or a 70mm. In post-processing, you can crop the 28mm shots for the 35mm perspective, and crop the 50mm shots for 70mm compositions. With good quality lenses there is plenty enough resolution to crop freely without any loss in quality.

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Peak freak: I have no interest in photographing people, weddings, editorial work... You know, the things that make money. Oh well...

How about cute cats? :-)

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Haha, I love the name, Crapinon. If I build a similar lens I'll call mine Crapegon, or Crappor....

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Sylvain G: 40mm
so sad it's not more popular... but maybe times aren't so bad if voightlander releases its 40mm f1.2.

I thought I was the only one who is a 40mm fan. Voigtlander has a neat 40mm f2 pancake, too bad its performance is only so-so.

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In my younger days I used to look forward to the beginning to every month to check out the latest copy of Pop Photo. Then, with the advent of online content, the magazine began to feel dated. I felt that their equipment reviews were not as sophisticated as sites such as DPreview or Imaging Resource, and even the published photos were somewhat uninspiring. In fact I enjoyed looking at this site's challenges more than Pop Photo's pics. As for technique, there's a wealth of excellent content on YouTube. Having said all that, I'm still sad to see the magazine's demise. I hope this is not a harbinger that non-selfie photography is dying as a hobby and an art.

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Lotzy: I want foveon type sensor, curved, with global shutter, with 16 million usable ISO and non mechanical lens aperture... Please?

I want all of the above plus no-lens-required sensor:

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I predict this will be another commercial flop for Hasselblad, a la Lunar. Yeah, I know Hassy needs to expand beyond their shrinking medium format market, but their marketing strategy seems rudderless. This is neither fish nor fowl - the selfie crowd/Instagrammers don't need that much capability, and certainly won't be willing to fork over $ for the premium Hasselblad brand (heck, they probably haven't even heard of Hasselblad).

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sportyaccordy: You guys should get a picture of it next to other bodies. Hard to get a feel for its size.

There;s a good side-by-side comparison with the Sony A7 at the camerasize website. It looks even smaller than shown here.

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tedolf: How many different ways can you spell, "D.E.A.D."?


"Mortality challenged"

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (273 comments in total)

Samsung look liked such a promising contender just a short while ago, when it released the NX1. Boy, did they go downhill in a hurry.

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Bram de Mooij: It seems the megapixel race has changed to an af points race. Do we really need that ? Most of the time I use only one af point. But that's me. Not really an action photographer and never using the video features of my cameras. I think I can stop buying now. Oh, but I forget I am a gadget freak .....

If you don't care about action shooting or video, you'll be better off going full-frame with the A7 series. For this price you can now pick up a good used A7R, which I'm sure has far superior stills capabilities.

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Average User: Nice article, and love the quality and tone of the discussion. The different companies have their different strengths; Don't know about top three, but I hope the dedication of Fuji to aps-c and iq keeps them in the game. In my experience, though many pros favor short dof, for most every day applications, greater dof is better, so I hope this works for Fuji.

I'm in agreement that greater dof is better for the majority of shots. Shallow dof is great for portraits and close-ups but not too much else.

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Looks like the optical design was changed, from 11 elements/8 groups/1 aspherical element to 12 elements/9 groups/2 aspherical elements. Possibly some improvement in optical performance in addition to the new stepping motor?

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On article Crazy 8: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 sample gallery (115 comments in total)

For this price you can get an awful lot of capability from an APS-C or entry-level full-frame camera. Shooting video or travelling light would need to be high on your list of priorities to consider this model.

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