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Is an image of a building a 'copy' of it? I'm guessing that that is written explicitly into the relevant regulations but common sense would be to say that a building is a physical 3d structure and that a 'copy' of it should be the same rather than a 2d image.
External artwork such as paintings on building exteriors are a different matter and I can see the argument that these can be covered by copyright. But again, common sense should dictate that if artwork is openly and intentionally visible to the general public without any control mechanism then the artist has foregone the right to full copyright protection.
It's like those 'living statues' you see around the place. It is reasonable not to take their photo without permission but you have the right to do so if you so choose.

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Camp Freddy: Can someone explain the AF with TWO sensors? Is there a split light prism in there? Or is the second in that little eye thing above the lens???

The original GRD and GX100 had these phase-detect windows which allowed the camera to focus very quickly if you fully pressed the shutter and the Contrast Detect focus hadn't locked. Really good system which worked well without getting in the way. sphexx is right in that they removed it from the GRD-2 and the GX200 because of supply issues. Good to see it back.

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A_less: I am a GF1 user and very interested in the 14-42.
Finally pocktable zoom from Pana which can complement the 20mm. I just thing it is sad that Panasonic do not plan to make firmwares for all cams to have full control of the new lenses.

FEATURES NOT SUPPORTED FOR G1, GF1, GH1, G2 (Source: panasonic.net/avc/lumix/popup/pressrelease/x_lens.html at the bottom).

- Display of the local length
When you zoom, the focal distance is displayed and you can confirm the zoom position.
- Step zoom
When you operate the zoom, the zoom will stop at positions corresponding to predetermined distances.
- Zoom resume
When you switch the power switch [ON], the zoom positions when you last switched [OFF] are automatically restored.
- Selectable zoom speed
Users can select the speed of electric-powered zooming.

I think Panasonic should make firmwares available to all, not only new buyers. We can not change body every year.

If you agree, you can sign the petition:

I'm a GF-1 owner and a firmware update would be no use to me as I have hacked the firmware to improve video performance. In fact it strikes me that a large number of GF-1 owners who will be interested in this lens because of its video capabilities would also have hacked firmware for the same reason.

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