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On article Just Posted: Pentax Q samples gallery (135 comments in total)

I think what this boils down to for most people is the price. The first time i saw one was at a show where i got to play around with it. I thought it was sturdy and well built and had a satisfying feel to it and i thought "hmm, this is the first time an interchangeable could actually pass as a compact camera, this could be big." Big was right, in price. I was floored when i looked up how much they wanted for it. The shots look good, but no better than a G12 or LX5 in my opinion. For 300-400 USD this could be a game changer, but at ~$700 it just looks silly. there are smaller cameras with just as good of images, and there are larger cameras that take better advantage of interchangeable lenses, both for less money than this. Again, seems like a fine camera, but at this price I can only really see this being sold to people with mad love for Pentax or people who have money to blow and are persuaded by its charms (small, light, feature rich) and don't care about its limitations.

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On article Macro photography: Understanding magnification (127 comments in total)

one question i have with magnification and macro is its benefit for portrait work and video interview. I was going to get a 45 mm macro for video interview but is there any reason to get a 1:1 lens for that type of work when a non-marco of the same focal length will do, i have heard conflicting information. whats the benefit?

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Cy Cheze: The GH2 already shoots video at 1920x1080 (60i, 24p) or 1280x720 60p.

This alters the editing software that accompanies the GH2, but does not add any new video mode to the camera. Since the GH2 sensor is 60hz, one might think there be firmware to allow 1080 60p video, but maybe that's being reserved for the GH3.

I though the sensor drive in the GH2 was 120hz?

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mpgxsvcd: They say it is "movie mode that's designed for video editing purposes". This won't be 1080p @ 60 FPS. Their statement implies that it is a very grade-able color profile and probably I frames only.

This will be very interesting to see how grade-able it is. However, the hack has given us a lot of that already.

24Mbps I frame only footage would suck much. maybe 4:2:2 color?

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daMatrix: If someone wants video quality that exceeds nowadays display would this person grab a photo-camera or a video-camera that is ergonomical build for shooting video...? If detail matters most in the video?

the studio i used to work for bought a red 1 for the exact purpose of shooting in 4k to crop to 1080p

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duartix: I've really seen it all... even posters saying the 5D Mark II dominates the amateur film maker's market. LOL.
I guess they never heard of the Panasonic GH2 or they don't hang out by DVXuser.com. The 5mkII has one questionable advantage that is thin DOF and perhaps a whisker more DR, on almost every other matter it is trounced by the GH2

If such a Canon camera is to be taken seriously in this market they'll have to make 2 "little" evolutions in sensor design:
*Global shutter* (which the GH3 will have by then) and
*Proper sensor binning* which the GH2 does already do.

And I'm not even talking about a proper codec... Such a nerve... 4K on MJPEG! Will they be shipping 4TB SDVeryHC memory cards with it?

Let me tell you, this isn't even funny, it's a prospect of a joke!

Mjpeg (specifically Mjp2000 in an mxf) is actually a highly sought after cinema mezzanine format that many MANY studios use. I shoot on a GH2 btw.

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On article Pentax Ricoh updates firmware for Q and lenses (20 comments in total)
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AV Janus: Was just about to say: Has ANYONE seen this camera in stock or held a bought sample?

oddly enough i saw it first at a warren Miller ski show in salt lake. They had it at a pentax booth for show and tell. They let me mess around with it all i wanted. Felt well built and had nice sounds and response but it still felt like a fancy p&s. I wish i had an sd card on me.

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shaocaholica: Why do they call it a lens 'cpu'? Its not computing anything. Its just a rom. Maybe on some models it reports back a focal for a zoom but thats hardly worth calling it a 'cpu'.

i microprocessor is a still a cpu. The ROM and the Controller make up a microprocessor.

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anyone else besides me really excited by the All-i codec? This is going to trickle down and be awesome!

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On article Panasonic updates firmware for DMC-G3 and DMC-GF3 (3 comments in total)

Looks like an update for the X-lens only


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Aidan Jaros Grilli: What is a m43 camera/lens?

Correct, Micro Four Thirds (olympus PEN or Panasonic G/GH series)

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hammerheadfistpunch: my only beef with this adapter is the price. Not that its too expensive, but that its only $450 when a stupid rod support system from red rock is more. Shows you how much markup there is on their supports and follow focus' to charge less for something that had to be engineered verses just drawn up and CNC'ed (yes i know they engineer their supports too)

trouble is, i know how much is costs to CNC the types of rods and supports that they sell...its not nearly as much as they are selling them for. The trouble isn't walmart price shopping, the trouble is "professional-itis" where you can charge what ever you want for something as long as its a "pro" item. look at continuous lighting for example, does it REALLY cost $150 to make a 250 watt fill light? they are the same bulbs as $15 home depot lights and project a similar pattern. or mount adaptors, $150 for a thin threaded chunk of machined aluminum? I wouldn't buy a redrock product because a: i make make most of what they sell myself (i know im not the average consumer) and b: its just flat out a ripoff.

Your probably right though, this is made in china and cheaper, so why isn't the rest of their gear?

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This is going to be a great camera...for a cell phone. Next.

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On article Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera (195 comments in total)

I have to admit, their noise/chroma algorithms in JPEG are pretty darn impressive. In RAW there doesn't seem to be too much difference between other APS-C/MFT sensors at high ISO but in JPEG...amazing.

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On article Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera (195 comments in total)

The first video sample is 1080i60 not 1080p60, FYI.

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my only beef with this adapter is the price. Not that its too expensive, but that its only $450 when a stupid rod support system from red rock is more. Shows you how much markup there is on their supports and follow focus' to charge less for something that had to be engineered verses just drawn up and CNC'ed (yes i know they engineer their supports too)

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On article Create your own articles - public beta launched today (145 comments in total)

This is great, I can't wait to start contributing.

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lowpine: fyi....pics of the new lens mounted on the g3 (and gf3)


any of those taken with the lens? or just of the lens?

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On article Sony SLT-A77 studio comparison samples (226 comments in total)
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jl_smith: News flash people - ISO isn't the END ALL BE-ALL of camera performance. Kinda funny people bash Canon for being tunnel-visioned for megapixels, yet everyone here swears up and down by ISO performance and nothing else.

I own both Nikon and Sony systems (not interested in A77 though) and I will say I'd give up a bit more noise performance for Sony's color response any day over Nikon - the pictures just look "better". Also, do yourself a favor and compare JPEG output (I know, I know, JPEG is the devil) vs the other cameras - the Sony JPEG output kicks the crap out of D7000 and 7D.

I agree with you on ISO performance, but it certainly makes a difference for people who needs every low light advantage they can get, and the A77 falls flat here big time, even against the 4/3rds GH2.

The main reason I wound't buy it, however, is the same reason you might. I never have liked the "color" that sony adds to the image in their JPEG processing, its too....fake. It feels very artificial and over saturated, and as awesome as their noise algorithm is, i don't like the end result.

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