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Roland Karlsson: Can someone tell me whats so special with GoPro? What kind of properties does it possess that makes it possible to take photos that normal cameras cant take?

2 thigns:
1. decent quality POV
2. Cheap as chips

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Esign: SOME professionals could use it – I think of the police, fire department and others, to catch serious and desperate situations. If nothing serious happened, they could just erase everything.

interestingly enough, I read an article recently that says that in order for it to be used in court it needs to be 3 FPS minimum.

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10,000 pictures, 6 good ones.

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That demo movie is pretty questionable. So they want to compare a super sensitive CMOS created specifically for high sensitivity to what? a dated 4x3 3ccd chip setup? And what a surprise, the ccd looks like crap, um, duh. Although I have no doubts this will be an amazing capture tool, and I genuinely mean that I am WAY excited to see this against something like a 1dx, the video demo is terrible You know what takes better night time video than my old Canon GL2? ALMOST ANY MODERN CMOS CAMERA.

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OneGuy: Optical image stabilization is dandy but I haven't really missed it on the 20mm/F1.7. If the IS omission makes the new lens half size (of better or comparable F1.7 quality incl. flare reject), I'd opt for that. Than again, did anybody say 'sports?'

Oh, give the ring a bit of color. Maybe a touch of "optical" purple.

you don't miss it on the 20 because its wide enough to not need it. @ 150, or even 42.5, you will want it.

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goshigoo: It is a kit lens! It is always good to have version II of kit lens as most people will own it, especially beginner
This is a good upgrade of the existing one
- smaller (easy to spot from the picture)
- lighter (160g -> 110g, almost 1/3 lighter)
- shorter (63mm -> 49mm)
- standard 46mm filter size
- IF
- 12 elements + 1 asph glasses -> 9 elements + 2 asph glasses
- Plastic Mount -> Metal mount
- Minimum focus: 0.3m -> 0.2m
- Color / finishing seem better than the old one

I think it is a good upgrade!!!!

From what I've read, its actually a metalized plastic mount.

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mpgxsvcd: I understand that this is an internal focusing lens. However, is it an internal zoom lens(like the 35-100mm F2.8) as well? Does the barrel extend when you zoom?

The picture does not make it clear whether it extends when you zoom or not.

it extends, but minimally (5 mm or so)

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hammerheadfistpunch: pretty stoked about the idea of the BMC with active mft mounts. I think they could make the sensor fully mft sized though, and if they did...SOLD!

Thats pretty much the GH3, right? Im not sure who supplies BM with their chips but they are excellent at DR, but they aren't quite big enough. We need an AF100 sized chip (slightly bigger than the GH2/3)

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Francis Carver: "Australian company Blackmagic Design, which already offers a movie camera with a passive Micro Four Thirds mount and is rumored to be working on a fully compliant version, also joins."

Considering that the company has no camera, compliant or non-compliant Micro 4/3 or anything else otherwise, that is good news indeed. But personally, I am waiting for a decent M4/3rd SDI capture car from them.

What? Black magic has a cinema camera with passive a MFT mount.


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pretty stoked about the idea of the BMC with active mft mounts. I think they could make the sensor fully mft sized though, and if they did...SOLD!

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slncezgsi: ... so the m4/3 is going viral ;)

@manuelvilardmacedo - you must have huge hands

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On article Panasonic unveils HX-A100 wearable camcorder (37 comments in total)
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Timmbits: this format is so much nicer than a gopro!
the lens can attach very close to a helmet, with the heavier part lower on the body - ditto for other mounting options, where there isn't the weight of the camera body to make the lens move and shake.
very nice, thoughtful design.

not to mention OIS. Though I still have no idea when CCD's aren't used in these applications instead of jiggly CMOS

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On article Panasonic unveils HX-A100 wearable camcorder (37 comments in total)
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Andrew Butterfield: Is the earthhook the same as the earhook?

@ ovatab - it'll probably look less weird when not worn by Gozer the Gozerian.

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On article Panasonic unveils HX-A100 wearable camcorder (37 comments in total)

surprisingly competitive specs, coming from traditionally conservative Panasonic. I like it.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V2 Preview Samples (222 comments in total)

Its not that the IQ is bad, its just that the lens system and the proprietary hotshoe are dragging the whole concept down. CX is just too far left of MFT to be taken seriously. MFT i think is the line in the sand between "semi-professional/high end" and "consumer/toy"

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zoranT: why isn t global shutter implemented in all cameras? too expensive tech? what s the disadvantage?

it is expensive and can compromise the image quality, but it does beg the question...why aren't these camera's CCD to begin with?

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dark goob: Conveniently did not mention price. haha

I'm guessing six figures for all components in that picture?

The F55 should come in around 25k for the body 2k for the recorder, and figure another 2 k for the other accessories. You can't really count the lens because thats a fixed cost in any system. Im curious what the F5 will cost though.

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Considering the hassle of the Zuiko F/2 35-100 FT lens as used for video, I would gladly loose a stop of light for the convenience and cost savings. (not havint to use a rail system and support system would be nice) Frankly, I usually stop down to 2.8 anyway just to make sure I have enough DoF to keep a moving subject in focus and having OIS is icing on the cake. This would make a killer video lens for the af100 or GH2. I might consider selling the zuiko and getting the 12-35/35-100 for the same price.

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snow14: they should made it F2.0 instead of F2.8 yes that will make the lens little larger but it will be much more useful .

The Olympus zuiko F/2 35-100 is a significantly bigger and heavier (as in WAY bigger and heavier) not to mention pricier lens that doesn't include OIS. To me, 1 stop in light just isn't worth the trade offs.

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 preview (80 comments in total)
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Jogger: It seems that the hackers forced Panasonic's hand with the higher bitrates. But, with most cameras outputing, clean uncompressed video via HDMI.. the onboard video codecs are becoming less important, esp. for mid to high end productions where youre going to rig it up with other accessories.

not that it will matter for this camera, since its 4:2:0 color space at 8-bit from the HDMI...so its not really going to look any better than the internal codec. I use a samurai on my af100 and despite the fact that you actually get 4:2:2 8-bit from the SDI, and at 220 mbps datarate, I'm hard pressed to notice a difference in all but the most demanding color correction shots (green screen) or extremely high motion. Having tried the hacks as well, same story, mildly better but the bottleneck isn't at the codecs like it used to be.

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