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I could be wrong but that looks like Skogafoss Iceland which is posted No Drones. And people complain about rules not being followed.

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You'd think by now they could make a 10-100.

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This could be wrong but BHPhotovideo says
"Users can even use focus peaking during video recording."

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Did you actually test these cameras? Cause they are not all in the studio test scene

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Better to test its resistance to being ground into the pavement when some kid falls of his skateboard.

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LOL. Check low light, RAW, iso3200 lower color wheel. Cant even read the color names compared to D5500 which rates lower than the DXO One.

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Kuppenbender: A lot of emphasis on rugged/shock-proof cameras for the under 10's. How about teaching your children to treat fragile electronic gadgets with a little respect?

My son's Canon A560 (similar to the A1400 in the article) has remained undamaged after four years of use - he got it when he was 5.

Incidentally, I found that once he discovered the long optical zoom on the family videocam (Panasonic HDC-SD40) that this quickly became his camera of choice, even for stills photography. Of course, by now he has learned to treat cameras with care and respect.

Well, considering that the vast majority of our family's pics are while we are camping,canoeing,hiking, or at the beach, a rugged waterproof camera is ideal. I just wish they made some with m43 or aps-c sensors for me!

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