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bobbarber: ebay has always worked for me. I've had to invoke buyer protection a couple of times, but they've always backed me up.

There are also good deals on craigslist if you're patient. No buyer protection there though. A lot of ripoff artists too. You really have to look.

One good trick on both platforms is to look for a camera and lens deal, even if you have the lens. You can sell the lens and your total cost is low because the camera and lens together are already priced lower than they would be separately.

EDIT: One more trick is to look for items marked "For parts only" on ebay. Sometimes they work but have some minor flaw that you can fix or live with that a seller felt obligated to list. There are honest sellers on ebay. I'm one. 100% feedback, and I never misrepresent an item. There are others out there.

Same here, one of the honest sellers on Ebay. 100% positive feedback. And I price my items to sell, rather than trying to recover as close to retail as possible. My items have sold fast. Good bargains. When selling lenses though, some people worry excessively about a little dust. People in Forums spread paranoia about seeing a bit of dust, even though it's a non issue 99% of the time.

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (766 comments in total)

If I remember right, the Canon Powershot A620, around 2005. Continued to move up through the Canon compacts and DSLRs over the years.

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They're nice, and I grew up in the Northwest like that. In Southern California now enjoying the warm weather, long sandy beaches, bodyboarding, shorts & t-shirts year round. The snow is only 90 minutes away in Big Bear if it's missed, but I rarely go up there. VERY hard to leave the climate down here. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up here. It was almost like moving to paradise.

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The compact digicams, no matter how advanced, are really in a tough spot. Advanced users migrate to a DSLR. A lot of bang for the buck in a DSLR these days. Nearly everybody else is content with a decent camera on their cell phone.

The compact digicams are usually just a secondary alternative for DSLR owners. That's what mine are too. It's a much smaller sales market.

I rarely ever take photos with my iPhone 6. I use it for a dash-cam much more than taking photos. I do however ALWAYS keep a digicam with a decent zoom in my vehicle. They're great for documenting unexpected events. You can't always get closer.

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Dan, thanks for the great article on a lens that has attracted interest from many, many buyers. I considered it for my 7D II, but decided on Canon's new 100-400 II along with a 1.4x for extra reach at times. I'm sure the article will be of great interest to people still shopping for a long lens or just beginning to consider one. Nice work.

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Ikeepem: I'm going with the old saying if it sounds too good to be true...well you should know the rest...

I would agree if they were touting the same build quality as the Canons, along with internal zooming. Obviously it has neither. For many hobbyists they're not that important either. I have the Canon 300 f2.8 with both converters, but I'm definitely looking forward to this Tamron. Smaller, lighter, with a reasonable zoom range. Price is very appealing.

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mpgxsvcd: Most novice users think they need a 1200mm zoom lens. What they will actually need is a 20mm F2.8 lens and a good pair of walking shoes.

Exactly Photomonkey. When I can walk on water then the comment from mpgxsvcd might begin to make sense.

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Red5TX: So what's a non-creepy reason why I might need this instead of a 600mm superzoom?

Of course, take a look here. Many of these were shot at f5.2 or f5.6, f5.9 isn't much different. I can handle a stabilized 1200mm lens easily.

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Red5TX: So what's a non-creepy reason why I might need this instead of a 600mm superzoom?

You really couldn't think of any? The previous reply has the right idea although I don't think I'd have ANY problem getting it into a stadium. I've taken in superzooms before. This would get you nice & close. I shoot quite a bit of surfing photos with my DSLR gear also. 1200mm is a good range because you can't crop these small sensors very much.

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HaroldC3: Next up, Canon announces a 75x zoom P&S camera...c'mon folks.

I guess as long as you have people who think the more zoom the better companies will keep increasing the zoom range in these things.

JJ, it did appeal to me at first. Some reports about the focus had put me off for the time being. Panasonic has surprisingly fast focus in the compact zooms. I'll see how the early reports look when they begin.

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JJ Rodin: Sadly, I do not even consider a 1/2.3" sensor camera if it has more than 12mp.

Strange that 'need more cam sells' companies do not realize that their 'magic processing' really does not make up for itty-bitty photosites, 12mp is more than enough for these camera types, R U listening ???

Untill a new 'physics' is created, cell sites need 'rooom' to suck in those photons, no magic DSP makes up for physics!!

Agreed. The 16mp is disappointing to see. But they said it was a newly designed sensor. Maybe they'll surprise me.

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HaroldC3: Next up, Canon announces a 75x zoom P&S camera...c'mon folks.

I guess as long as you have people who think the more zoom the better companies will keep increasing the zoom range in these things.

It IS better, if you have a desire to use it. I'm going to love it for Surfing photos. Right now I use a Canon 300mm f2.8 IS with 2x converter, attached to either my 1D III or my 7D. I have Panasonic zooms, they're nice. And this new one will double the reach I have with them. Small & light compared to my Canon gear.

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Prairie Pal: Superzooms are reducing themselves to ridiculous extremes now.

It might seem that way to some, but when it comes to Surfing and Bird photos, 1200mm is just starting to get you to a good range. 20mm on the wide end rocks though! Very ambitious lens design.

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Nice. Although all my DSLR gear is Canon, I have a number of Panasonic compacts including the FZ200, FZ150 and LX7. I like to shoot Surfing, some bird photos and a little urban wildlife. That zoom appeals to me for Surfing and Birding. I wonder if they're just about to announce a higher end version with better video. They tend to announce two zooms close together.

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On article Canon issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel T4i (176 comments in total)

This is not the first product or manufacturer to have this issue. I've seen Bausch & Lomb high end binoculars do the same thing. Unlike Canon however, they remained quiet about it.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix P510 Review (64 comments in total)

Likely a pretty accurate assessment of the camera. Nikon focuses resources on their excellent DSLR systems, they've never had any compelling superzoom models that perform particularly well. And they probably don't really care that much. Their offierings are usually surpased easily by Panasonic regarding features, speed and image quality. Video too.

Superzooms can be very useful for small bird photography, hummingbirds, etc. Also daytime sports close ups. It's apparent some people have limited imaginations when using superzooms. It's not just for shooting subjects five miles away.

And remember, these reviews are just about digital cameras, not your girlfriends. Take a deep breath and relax.

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IcyVeins: 1000mm reach? Are they out of their minds? Who could possibly care to zoom in that far?

Plenty of applications for a superzoom if you're not going the DLSR & Supertelephoto route. Distant sports like boat racing, windsurfing, wave surfing, birding, etc, etc, etc.

Now, will the Nikon look good at that max zoom? Maybe they can surprise us.

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On article Just posted: Hands-on video of the Samsung NX200 (76 comments in total)

Wonderful. Love the addition of video.

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Thanks for the photos! Performance is not bad considering the chip size and lens range. 1080P video on most of these newer cameras is somewhat amazing. It adds a lot of fun.

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Nice to see photos posted from this new camera so soon. Thanks you guys!

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