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Thunderbolt 3 (or even the original Thunderbolt) is completely wasted on bog-slow spinning rust hard drives. Now if they came up with an enclosure for SSDs like my 4x2.5" OWC ThunderBay 4 Mini (Thunderbolt 2, equipped with 2x2TB Samsung 850 EVO), I'd be more interested.

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This seems like an almost exact reprise of Shepard Fairey's preemptive lawsuit against The Associated Press on his use of their photo in the iconic Obama "Hope" poster of 2008:

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cgarrard: I hate to say it, but I'm not excited.

The WX binoculars are ground-breaking. Sadly I doubt I will be able to afford them.

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The pricing on the Super-wide binoculars is rumored to be in the $5-6K range:

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LFPCPH: I'm sorry Fuji - But I cannot allow myself to be seen with a camera in those colours.

The pink one is highly popular among the Hello Kitty demographic, like my 5-year old daughter. 10% of her pre-K classmates have a Fuji Instax camera.

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M Chambers: I would like Fuji or Polaroid to create a camera which prints instantly but also saves a digital file like a regular point and shoot. Surely they could work something up.

Being able to have an instant photo print is great but most people want to share that same photo online.

Get a Fuji camera and a Fuji Instax SP-2 printer, the former can print wirelessly to the latter, as can an iPhone or Android using an app.

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stratplaya: I would have liked to have seen questions regarding their quality control.

They invested massively in QC a few years ago, to the point of building their own lens test machines, and their quality is now among the best in the business:

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Jeff Keller: By the way, if anyone has any ideas for future TBTs, please post them or send me a PM.

The Leica S1 scanning camera of 1996?

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On article Google AI adds detail to low-resolution images (150 comments in total)

A more accurate headline is "Google algorithm invents plausible-looking detail out of thin air"

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I sold mine (and the X100S that followed it) and now use a Sony RX1RII for the same purpose.
Sigma was the first to the large-sensor compact market with the DP1, but it was not really a usable camera for anything but landscapes (nor are its successors). The Leica X1 was the first usable large-sensor compact, but the X100 topped it with one stop faster lens and that lovely hybrid viewfinder.

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maxnimo: For about a tenth the price I would just get an LED flashlight that uses rechargeable batteries and throws 2000 lumens of steady neutral white light.

They wouldn't have 95 CRI, though (even Nichia 219 emitters top at around CRI 90-92 or so), and if they are PWM as most are, flicker would be an issue.

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justmeMN: "This image gives a good indication of the G9 X Mark II's slim construction. When turned off (shown here) the body is a mere 31mm thick." -DPR

Its niche is that it is a true pocket cameras, 25% thinner, and weighing 30% less, than a Sony RX100 IV.

Same here. I got my wife a RX100 when it first came out. She refuses to use it, as she finds it too thick. The G9X was too slow, the G9XII looks like they fixed that, and the touch UI is way easier to use than the convoluted Sony menus.

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Jay Williams: As photographers, I can't believe you guys are using the idiotic term "selfie" rather than "self portrait." Or maybe I'm the only one who is bothered at the dumbing down of modern day English.

What's worse. some people now indiscriminately use the term for any picture, not just a self-portrait.

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larkhon: I don't understand all the comments about this camera not having an EVF, tilt-screen, fast lens and so on... to me it's like saying a small car should be as fast as a Formula 1, spacious enough to fit 7 people, while being easy to park and very cheap.

The G9x is targeting people who would have bought an expensive Ixus a few years ago, something very small and light while having a better IQ than the average P&S. Touchscreen and wifi are also there to take care of the average smartphone user who won't understand if they can't focus with their finger or have to plug the SD card into a computer.

If you want a flip-screen, you get the G7XII. It's also 30% thicker. The while point of the G9X is to make the absolute smallest camera that still has an acceptable sensor.
I thought of getting the original G9X for my wife, as she refuses to use the RX100mkI I got her a few years back because she finds it too thick. I opted not to because it was too slow, so the speed improvements and the hybrid OIS-IBIS are very welcome.
The G9X's touchscreen UI is also very good, and significantly easier to use than the RX100.

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Eric Hensel: Ektachrome was terrible, for both the colors, and the lack of slide-longevity. The only reason we used it was it was cheap.

Yes, Kodak deceptively marketed it as having long life, even though they knew it would fade in as little as 14 years (vs. 70+ for Fuji film).

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I sometimes take my Instax SP-2 printer to birthday parties my 5 year old daughter attends, and all the kids always clamor to have one of them. For the same reason it would be a good item to take on trips to developing countries where most people can't afford photographs.

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HowaboutRAW: And if there's no water to expand when frozen what would such a dunking in liquid nitrogen matter?

Ordinary steel becomes brittle at -30˚C and snaps under stress. 12 WWII ships broke in half in frigid North Atlantic weather for this precise reason, and it was a factor in the Titanic's sinking.

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HowaboutRAW: And if there's no water to expand when frozen what would such a dunking in liquid nitrogen matter?

Steel snaps like glass at -30˚C, well above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen.

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ttran88: Easily camera of the Year!!

Of the year 2014, perhaps, but too little, too late

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Lord Lucan: Nevermind.
I wish if I can buy a SWC/M again and add a compact digital back same size as A12.

@Lord Lucan
I don't believe any Chinese company makes large (APS-C and higher) sensors like the Sony ones used on the X1D, so don't expect any relief on pricing from them. Medium Format cameras probably don't account for even 1% of the market. Fuji claims it wants to shake up the market by making MF affordable for current full-frame shooters, we'll see.

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