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Odd selection: 2 Minolta's, 2 Konica's but no Pentax.
The best beginner camera is a Pentax MX.
Small, manual and with an astonishingly comprehensive selection of lenses available - some very cheap too,
An MX with a 50mm f1.7 = perfect.

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Don't forget to pick up your film from your film processor!
I thought this was an obvious thing until I picked up my most recent negs from a processor I only use occasionally. His shop had stacks of boxes everywhere, all filled with sleeves of negs - enough to make it a much smaller shop!
His comments: 'The kids today think that getting the low-res scans is it and the vast majority never come back for their film. They just don't get it that the negs are the most valuable thing'.

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snapa: I've seen many pictures taken with digital cameras with 20-24MP and wide angle high quality lenses look MUCH better. I've also seen pictures from cell phones that look better. I'm not sure why taking pictures with film cameras with lessor IQ is so interesting.

I guess it depends on what you judge as 'better'? I take my Canon 5D3 with 21mm f2.8 Zeiss lens and my Pentax 67 with a 45mm f4 lens, shoot the same scene and end up with quite different versions of the same shot. IQ is just one subjective measure of what you get - your iQ may not be mine. Then there is the shooting experience. Whipping our a smart phone is a different experience from shooting with a medium format film camera. But that's the beauty and appeal of photography - there are so many ways to capture an image - each has their appeal and drawbacks - we should celebrate this diversity!

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Canon is their own worst enemy in Australia and them shutting up shop is long overdue. Canon appears to not have a global price policy that would make their products consistently priced, deciding that Australians should pay an extra $1000 for a R6 and more for R5 than elsewhere. They then complain that people are buying from overseas and not supporting local distributors.
On top of this, they have 'sales' that offer minuscule discounts, making their products still more expensive than other outlets.

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Sold? Who sells their camera gear? Madness . . . . . .

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Fairly restricted point of reference: point and shoot film cameras with some rangefinders. This covers part of film cameras but excludes SLR's or medium format. Personally I wouldn't consider a P&S when there are so many great SLR's available: Canon AE1, Nikon FM2/FE2, Pentax LX, MX etc that provide more control, better optics and a decent range of lenses. And frankly the prices of the P&S mean you could buy some seriously good SLR and lenses for the same money. And be able to get it fixed if it breaks.

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Film never went away. Public interest and sentiment was swayed by digital's instant gratification, trading off the intial lack of quality images. Film has had 150+ years of technological development and is still a very accomplished medium. One isn't inherently 'better' than the other - they are just different.
If film is having a revival that's a good thing in my book as it requires a slower, more deliberate approach. You can't get away with 'spray and pray' .

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Thanks for the retrospective - really appreciate.
Like so many I got my first taste of real photography with a K1000 with a 50mm f2 in 1981 - still use it and love the simple uncomplicated controls. Over the years added a few lenses with 50 f1.4 and 24 f2.8 being my most used. Also love the MX and have used it on trips to Japan and China recently - the small form makes it the perfect travel camera. But my real love is for the Pentax 67. Armed with 105mm f2.4 and 45mm f4 lenses and a decent strap it is a wonderful and very competent travel beast - it also helps to have a good sling bag! I have numerous other Pentax bodies/lenses - my 14 year old daughter has just started her photography journey on an ME with a 50 f2. It seems to be permanently around her neck but she is eyeing off the MX already . . .
Thanks again for the Pentax video - love it!

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Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere . . . . . . . . .

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Canon have interesting priorities.
They release a mirrorless camera of (just) average ability (R), already being late to the party. Next is a Lite version of the same camera(RP).
So that's the entry level and a bit of the pro-sumer market addressed.
So the next release is to a tiny segment of the market: astro-photography.
I would love to have been at the Sony exec meeting when this was announced - they must have cracked out the sake!
Just how late do you want to be with a serious mirrorless camera Canon?
Sure you've released some very impressive lenses - no question - but where are the bodies to make use of this fine glass?

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Probably add the Pentax MX. A smaller body than the K1000, built in light meter - it's a gem. And I would add the mighty Pentax 67. Easier to use than a Mamiya 645, made of metal and with a stellar range of lenses.

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terryh2c: Hard to judge without a review of what they were shot with.

No, I get the data - it would be helpful to have a S1/S1R Review - like you usually do.
I can't remember a review of a Nikon lens on a Nikon body that hasn't already been reviewed.

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Hard to judge without a review of what they were shot with.

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terryh2c: Come on already.
Feb 1 - In Progress
April 13 - Still In Progress
I don't mean to be pushy but . . . . . .

I'm sorry to bug you - please take it as a compliment - I trust your reviews!

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Come on already.
Feb 1 - In Progress
April 13 - Still In Progress
I don't mean to be pushy but . . . . . .

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Medium format?
We need a new term for these cameras.
Medium format film: 6 x 6 (56 x 56mm) or 6 x 7 (55 x 70mm) or 645 (56 x 41.5).
Medium format digital: 43.8 x 32.9.
Maybe Fuller Frame?
Very full frame?

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I do wonder why, when there was an opportunity to go to any format, mirrorless designers stuck with 35mm x 24mm format. Sure there are existing lenses to consider, but introducing a whole new range of new format lenses isn't something new - Canon and Nikon have just done that.

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Bought a Pentax K1000 in 1981 - still shooting with it - indestructible.
Great range of quality lenses too.
I also have a Canon AE1 - nice camera but much prefer The Brick.
Also love the Pentax 67's - I love that it is an 'oversized SLR'.
Much prefer this to Mamiya 645 - you need to add Pentax 67 to the list.

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Thanks for the review - I've been waiting for it to come through - interesting.
Unlike the previous poster I HAVE been really looking foward to the release of this camera. Everyone has their own reality . . . . .
Personally I like the basic video function - fine by me - in fact it's a positive as they have put all their R+D into stills . . . . . .
Wondered if any older film-era lenses were tried?
Everyone with a keyboard has lamented the lack of modern lenses but Pentax has a very long back catalogue of fine film era lenses - but that seems to have been largely ignored.

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I have an interest as I have a collection of around 15 K mount manual focus primes from film days and whilst Pentax has been quick to reference it's extensive back catalogue there is scant details of how the camera performs with them.
I'd love to see some 20 f4, 50 f1.2 and 135 f2.5 results.
Am I being too pushy expecting a full review after being launched in Feb - and it's now June?

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