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  • Nope. Despite the fake on line polls she is doing OK. Groups from all over are starting to endorse her instead of Trump. Arizona media (I believe) has never endorsed a democrat in it's history. Sou ...
  • The documentary I posted a link to The Choice 2016. I have read here a few times how HRC's Health Care Plan was a disaster when Bill was in office. They covered that. It was never implemented. The ...
  • I new he should have went with some of the above instead of Cocaine :-D
  • Have your fun. They were trying to tell me that cyber hacking the election was my illusion. Even Fox told it's people to ignore online polls http://www.politico.com/blogs/on-media/2016/09/fox-news- ...
  • What was the US health care system rated at by the WHO a few years ago. 37th place I think. Kinda embarrassing for the world richest country. Let's cut the taxes for the rich and that good old ...
  • 1. Did anyone watch "where to invade next"? The people in countries that control healthcare didn't look controlled to me. They seemed to like getting a lot of paid time off when seriously ill to ...
  • Welcome to the forums. So tell us about your hobby and your cameras.
  • Replied in Well
    You mean the "cyber". That is what Trump called it.
  • You have that right.
  • Created discussion thread Apparently I'm paranoid
    about this too https://www.yahoo.com/news/more-attempts-hack-state-election-systems-detected-fbi-161127869--abc-news-topstories.html
  • I drive a fossil fueled car.
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    but apparently I'm paranoid about Putin's disinformation machine. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/c97f56f2-6c4f-3d49-b5d2-081026e9c557/ss_putin-sets-his-disinformation.html
  • Did not link Russia? Russia invaded eastern Ukraine and supplied weapons. Actual  Rebels? Maybe a few hundred. Most were little green men and paid insurgents. Even the members of Putins favourite ...
  • They were asked the same questions lol. This is amazing. Does anyone think if the questions were harder HRC would not have be been able to handle them. When you her experience and have traveled to ...
  • Right on. The people of Russia, etc are no different than anyone else. Have a good jobs raise a family and have basic freedoms. I don't even dislike the paid professional trolls. Just a job. I ...
  • Waste of time. The deniers which IMO who are dedicated to the Fossil Fuel Energy Industry whatever reason will just continue. It is what they do. Even if they find an actual true study that has ...
  • He lost. Lets do a recount. Guess what. Actually I blame Ralph Nader. He had it in his head he had a good shot but if he had not ran or endorsed Gore Iraq may not have happened.
  • The only real question is what do you do? Iraq was a tremendous disaster there was no need. In the cold war which we seem to be into again, then the Soviet Union and today Russia is aggressive in ...
  • Created discussion thread Trump knows squat about anything
    He said that Mexico is feasting on American manufacturing and “building the bigger plants in the world” when, in fact, Tesla is currently building the biggest factory in the world right in California ...
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