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  • You will probably find LR using Adobe Standard colour profile a little bland. That is intentional as they expect you to tweak or use a profiler. Try the Nikon profiles. I find the Canon profiles ...
  • What's your Vector Victor? From the movie Airplane. Sorry :-)
  • You still get the radial, graduated and brush filters. You also get masking in the Detail - Sharpening  panel. If you hold down the option key (Mac) you can see how much it masks. You can apply ...
  • Darn. Now I have to remember a new word. Parametric. I can't remember what I had for lunch :-)
  • LR does not use layers. It does use masks but is limited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOK_s8lN2xM There is new Range Mask that is only available with the subscription plan - LR Classic CC V7. h ...
  • In the case of PS is that not the same as opening a RAW in ACR, editing and then opening it? You don't have to make a duplicate before you edit because you can always open the original RAW file ...
  • Thats right. I remember reading about layers here but I have never tried it. Never had a need. Thanks
  • PS is a pixel editor but is only destructive when you open it from ACR and make additional edits, save and end the session. That is permanent however your original Raw file is still in tact. You ...
  • Not everyone.
  • Replied in Lightroom CC
    Sorry about that. I have not installed it.
  • Replied in Lightroom CC
    Using LR Classic CC, not LR CC open the import page. On the right side you will see Apply During Import. In Develop Settings click on the drop down box and select Lightroom General Presets - Auto ...
  • A valid concern. The biggest question is how can anyone force you to do anything? If you have cloud storage you can download your files at any time. Apple put me in the cloud without me even ...
  • I tried Bridge long ago and never really liked it. I didn't even install it this time.
  • One of my favourite parts.
  • Yes exactly. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • In LR you enter your final size, pick media type and select high, standard or low for sharpening. Just wanted t add to this. In PS you see your final resizing/sharpening edit. In LR you see it ...
  • LR is ACR on photo editing steroids. Basically all the windows you find in ACR are are in LR but opened all of the time. It is like opening a RAW file as a smart object so you can go back into ACR. ...
  • 60 here and I'm starting to feel that way myself. However 35 years ago ATM's were new and I loved them. I could deposit and withdraw money 24/7. I used to bug the older guys who refused to use ...
  • I have had PS since 2006 and LR since 2012. I did a cost analysis of how much I spent since 2012 and it turned out to be about $80 a year. Since 2006 I had purchased other RAW converters, plugins, ...
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