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On article In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes (342 comments in total)

I see a lot of mixed responses which is not surprising. Some just don't like not seeing colour which is an each to his/her own thing.

Coming from a film background, reading all of Ansel Adams books and applying the zone system where I spent many hours in the darkroom has made me appreciate what B&W has to offer. The rich tones and textures we often don't see in colour images. Often you get that haunting look that colour just can't bring out.

With digital we try to preserve highlights and shadows to bring out the detail in those areas which is the basic principle in B&W photography. This is where you find interesting texture. It was a lot harder with film than it is with digital.

Now my darkroom days are over and I'm in the digital darkroom working on my own B&W techniques I still have a great appreciation for B&W in landscape and all other types of B&W. Not everyones cup of tea but that is just how life is.

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Shifter: ZZZZZZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZ. It's called Photoshop, Ansel lovers.

You are missing the point. You edit and so did he. You are nobody. He is world famous and while he as alive owned priceless works. You should be careful to put Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz to someone who was doing something unique in his time. Have you read his books ,etc. He did not have a Scott Kelby to help him with a pre packaged program. What did you expect?

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Shifter: ZZZZZZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZ. It's called Photoshop, Ansel lovers.

What a stupid man Ansel was. Why did he just not use PS back then. Duh. Shifter please show us your gallery of pioneering PS gallery images and some of your priceless works. Ansel legacy are priceless prints and works. I looked and you are not where on the internet. What gives?

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We went to his show in Toronto a few years ago. I walked up to ta large original print and asked one of the workers if they would take a check. The person responded - it is priceless.

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2JoeA7R2: As a veteran of the chemical darkroom, dodging and burning, and Ansel Adam's Zone System, I hope this video dispels the notion that it has ever been possible to 'get-it-right' in the camera, even if you were Ansel Adams. Every photographer needs to understand how to correctly expose the scene before them. If you have learned that then you've mastered one of the steps in making a great photograph. Happy shooting.

Me too. Read all his books and used a 4 by 5 field camera.

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We were there in Jan of 2015. I wanted to see the Bradbury museum at Los Alamos and we learned Hernandez was close.

We could not find it so went for lunch at a local restaurant on the main drag. There was a print of Moonrise on wall and the owner said the spot is just up the road by the abandoned gas station. It was a little overgrown with a lot of trailer homes. I had to get closet to the church so we drove down a narrow road. We got to the church and I started to take pictures and a flatbed ford with hay bails and a couple of dogs on the back pulls up and a guy says "you lookin for Ansel ese". The fellow said his grandfather owned all the land but sold the part from there to the highway where the trailer homes now live. He thought we were from Santa Fe but when I said Canada it blew him away.

It was a unique experience but a shame. One of his most famous images and not a single marker or billboard to let people passing through know.

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I'm never going to become a slave to this. LR and PSE apparently will continue to be available for purchase. I have LR and CS6 and I will continue upgrade LR and use CS6 until the day I can't. Then I'll switch to PSE. They day I can't do that
good by Adobe. Too bad. I was a die hard DPP user for RAW conversion but with all the great improvements Abode has made in last several years I switched to them exclusively. DPP will still work for me.

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On photo Head Up in the Use of Patterns challenge (5 comments in total)

Thanks. I took this while on my vacation in Portugal. I brought my 5DMK2, 7D, 24-105, 100 macro, 70-200, 300L, Canon 1.4 extender and I rented the Zeiss 21mm. Figures I got one of my favourite shots with my P&S. There were a few days when we took very long walks and I just did not feel like hauling my big gear with me.

I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.

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On photo Head Up in the Use of Patterns challenge (5 comments in total)

Thanks. No I did not do anything to correct for distortion.

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