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N13L5: Not one picture of the camera with the lens retracted?

Or does the lens always stick out that far?

That lmgtfy site is a thing of beauty. : )

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onezerosix: i'm debating on DMC-FZ1000 or Sony A6000. I'll be taking pictures at family events & scenery shots. which be better choice? i'm not really looking for 4k video.

4K video is a lot of fun. Reading the comments here (assuming these are legit people, who knows?) this particular Pana is not a great camera for video (noise, build quality, functionality of the controls) and expensive for a mega-zoom.
I really like the control ring, but as the reviewer noted, even that isn't quite properly done (for lack of a good grip on the lens) so I think this is a "wait for version 2" product.

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On article Ricoh surfs into action camera market with WG-M1 (108 comments in total)

This camera shows little awareness of the state of the art in these sorts of "first person" action cameras. Look at the size, features and design of the products from and -- things like 120fps and unlimited HD or even 4K with remote viewfinder through phone or tablet.
This camera looks good for kids or someone willing to pay $299 for a mediocre product instead of $399 for a Contour, etc.
So many companies are trying to make "their" gopro and they're all pretty mediocre.
Check out Contour -- better lens, stable, sharp HD in the worst of conditions (mountain bike, snow skiing, sailing, motorsport, snorkeling ... we even use it on a monopod to drag under the water as a swim team coaching aid ... brilliant product ... removable batteries ... the only weakness is Micro SD when it could take a full size SD and be cheaper to have 64GB+ fast flash memory.)

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The WU-1a works with the D600. It's a bit clumsy (and not weather-sealed) compared to the Canon D6, with built-in wifi, if that floats your phot) but it works. I don't see how this CameraMator can kickstart itself with a $299 price tag compared to built-in with Canon or a cheap ($60?) dongle from Nikon.

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