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my brother took a picture of myself and my 15 yr old neice, he told me i could post it on FB, and he asked that I not tag her. N/P its my neice, but its my brothers daughter. I have n/p with him asking me to do that and thats what i did. no problem to solve, because i did what was asked of me.

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Someone gave my boss a pentax K-01, a yellow one just like in the picture, it was a kit, brand new in the box, he went and donated it to his town so it could be raffled off as a prize to raise money for the local athletics program, and the person who won the camera kit hated it so much he asked for his money back for the raffle ticket!!

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very cool!!

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this article is a bit much.

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This is amazing, look at the peoples clothing on the right, the lady with the plaid shawl, the women walking with the 2 children, the straw hats, the mens trousers, you can see all the fine detail, the lines in peoples faces. looking at people that were alive 125 years ago in such detail, very cool,

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On photo Luftwaffe Scramble in the European Fighter Aircraft challenge (12 comments in total)

excellent image!!

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On photo Uninvited Lunch Guest in the Best Photo of the Week... challenge (5 comments in total)


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That commercial was pretty cool, fun video.

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now i can back up all my cat memes!!

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I hope shes ok

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excellent interview, i enjoyed it very much, thank you!!

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Thats awesome, i cant wait to see the images he captured!!

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Doug Janis: No EVF. For those with reading glasses, this makes using the camera very, very challenging.

Poor design choice.

or you can buy something other than the entry level camera that comes with no EVF instead of trolling camera forums.

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On photo Space Shuttle Endeavor's Last Flight-1756 in the To Space challenge (17 comments in total)

this is a great image of a moment in american history, well done!!

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you see this on facebok like every 2 weeks

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op/tech USA shoulder sling $25, best strap ive used.

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On photo Standing Still in the Good - Evil challenge (19 comments in total)

nice, well done!!

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shocking that they are announcing their profits will be down almost 40% from last year.

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thats really cool

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