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  • I'd spend it on a photo holiday somewhere spectacular.  I sounds like the gear you have at the moment is fine so give it an outing? Best wishes
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    Lovely pic, well done! Best wishes
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    The RX10 and RX100 series both have the same sized (1-inch) sensor so will give very similar IQ under similar exposure conditions.  The bulk of the RX10 is from the lens.  An RX100iii or iv might ...
  • Use whatever camera you like to take colour pictures with, and do the monochrome conversion with software afterwards which gives you all the control you will need. That way you can take colour ...
  • Drones in formation approaching Gatwick airport? Best wishes
  • My condolences... I have chronic shoulder problems from 25 years of giving chalk-and-talk lectures on big blackboards with my arm above my head and stretched out to one side.  I now use ...
  • I'm 54 yo too, and probably 190 lbs... and I would way rather use a lighter camera system than hit a gym.  When I go for a hike I take a Pen EPL-8 with a Panasonic 12-60 lens: less than 600 grams. ...
  • At launch in 2012 the Nikon S01 cost under £150 in the UK. The Nokia 808 cost around £360. However good the phone camera was, it wasn't taking DSLR quality images. It took images which were worse ...
  • That is an excellent series which makes your point perfectly. Best wishes
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    Try this: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/8189925268/what-s-that-noise-shedding-some-light-on-the-sources-of-noise Best wishes
  • You have a perfectly good camera.  The camera that produces images with no noise does not exist.  At ISO3200, you are shooting in low light, with a fairly small number of photons hitting each ...
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    Using '100%' view (1 camera pixel = 1 screen pixel) avoids any possibility of aliasing artefacts on screen (jaggies, moire patterns and so on) that can appear when you view at some funny ...
  • Toss it and get a new one.  Is it really worth the risk of losing a lot of photos for the price of a new SD card? Best wishes
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    If you mean GDPR, then for me, no: this is aimed at companies or organisations that hold / process personal data of individuals. The regulation does not apply to the processing of data by a person ...
  • Without knowing what settings you are using it's impossible to tell what is going on.  If you have set the camera to a very short exposure in manual mode (say 1/2000 sec, f/16), at the lowest ISO ...
  • Given that the whole M4/3 system is pretty much based around interchangeable lens cameras, with a well-established ecosystem of different lenses (that never existed for 1" cameras), why should ...
  • I didn't call anyone anything.  What are you talking about? I agree, but that does not relate to anything I said.  Possibly you have 'replied' to the wrong post.
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    +1 for Varanasi, take a river trip! Best wishes
  • Thanks very much.  I shot RAW and did some pp in photoshop elements; in particular boosting the 'clarity' a bit for the architecture shots, it makes stonework look really clear.  I didn't mess ...
  • Hi Don, good to meet you again, so to speak!  I remember well your bug macros and dance school shoots and look forward to seeing some more. Best wishes
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