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  • As others have said - they are very good.  I've had two camera bodies and around four lenses from them, all through their ebay store, and everything has been fine.  Don't worry. Best wishes
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    Actually, no, it isn't given that the sample size (number of people who voted) was 33.5 million.  On those numbers a random error at the level of one standard deviation - if such a thing applies ...
  • Well, it really depends which folks you send.  If you chose the right ones, planet Earth would be a much nicer place. Best wishes
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    ... and the England team would have a higher chance of beating a German team on penalties :-)
  • A crime is a crime and should be defined by its consequences, not what is going on in someone's head at the time.  Why is an assault motivated by racial hatred worse than an assault motivated by ...
  • Well done Wales, that was brilliant... best of luck to them against a mediocre Portugal team... they have a good chance to make the final.
  • I'm so sorry to hear that.  R.I.P. Ron and thanks for helping to make this forum such a good place.
  • http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/eu-referendum-brexit-young-people-upset-by-the-outcome-of-the-eu-referendum-why-didnt-you-vote-a7105396.html
  • I think that's a very sensible comment.  Once the reaction / hysteria has subsided... it is in nobody's interest - neither the UK nor the rest of the EU - to put trade barriers in place that will ...
  • If you like looking at graphs, you'll have seen the one showing how turnout correlated with age. What a pity that the 18-24 year olds with the biggest stake in the outcome of the referendum was ...
  • Well, I voted to remain, but I enjoyed your summary :-) Best wishes
  • All any reader has to go on is 'what has actually been written'.  If that doesn't communicate what the poster means, the poster needs to work on his/her written communication skills.
  • This is hardly an unusual setup.  Usually I carry my K5iis DSLR body with a Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 and a Pentax 55-300 f/4-f/5.8.  One body, two lenses, a fairly commonplace combination that does ...
  • Reading the pop-photo article it doesn't sound like a terribly sophisticated scam.  You agree a price for the photography, then he says 'oh, by the way, if I pay you extra by credit card, could ...
  • My friend says the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese.  Since he clearly knows everything about everything I thought I would share that with everyone.
  • If 'there is no room for anything else', how can it be that I enjoy using my RX100ii on my travels?  Does this in fact not happen at all and I am hallucinating or doing something against the laws ...
  • So switch it on and look. It's not hard to find out what ISO a camera has been set to.  Why would you try to take a photo without checking the setting first (unless the camera is in full auto?) Of ...
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    ... just say that you need them to prevent sand and mud getting down your barrel. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Agree… however  if by 'point and shoot' the OP means a pocketable compact, the largest sensor size is probably the 1-inch sensor found in the RX100 series and other premium compacts. Best wishes
  • Lovely :-) My son keeps lizards - various types of gecko - but nothing as splendid as that turquoise chameleon! Best wishes
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