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Melchiorum: To everyone complaining about "only 5 elements": the sheer number of elements doesn't make the lens better. In fact, it is guaranteed to make it worse in SOME areas, such as microcontrast or light transmission.

Manufacturers of contemporary lenses often prioritize spacial resolution (or "sharpness") because that's what an average consumer wants. Pixel-peepers are concerned only about sharpness, while ignoring everything else about the lens. And thus, pressured by the demand for resolution, manufacturers cram a ton of correcting elements into the barrel, because they know unsharp lenses don't sell.

But here's a thing: look at the image produced by Voigtlander, Leica or older Zeiss lenses. It's not amazingly sharp, but it's just so incredible. Color, microcontrast, tonal gradations, depth rendering - all are top-notch. And now look at the number of elements those lenses have: it rarely exceeds 10 and most of the time it is lower than that.

Agreed. We'll see when we get some samples. Could be good. For the money, they may have some new glass elements and do away with the need for extra glass. That's one comment I haven't seen anyone make yet. Could be the case.

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On article Accessory Review: LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt (40 comments in total)

Great review!

Looks like a good unit with equally good thinking behind it. I like the USB and TB redundancy. I think the price is about right. After all, a standard USB 3.0 desktop enclosure will run you a good $50 at least without a drive. Add a 1TB drive and you're looking at about $110. So an extra $80 for a ruggedized enclosure? I saw the 1TB available for $199. I think if the street price was $150 for 1TB would be a no-brainer. The SSD version sounds perfect but a little pricey at $299.

I'm glad the reviewer has experience with these drives and speaks favorably of them. I knew of the problems LaCie had but that was years ago. They used to say the same thing about flash cards too.

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On article Accessory Review: Drobo Mini RAID (149 comments in total)

I think this is a very good review. Very practical and enough time with the unit to give a nice daily-usage report on it. This unit has 'Mobile-Professional' written all over it. 4-drive bays, dual TB ports, relatively small, sturdy construction.

I think this is a great unit if you're going to be held up in a hotel room for a few days and need to do 'real' work. For simple backup, I don't think this is a very good solution. There are simpler and cheaper solutions that would work fine. No, this unit is for the photographer/media professional on the move. You can use it as a desktop solution. But the 2.5" drive bays and mobile design limit it's long-term, everyday robustness and expandability.

Now, everything fails. Some things fail faster than others. But you can minimize your chances. For mobile raid: SSD. It's bulletproof. Buy quality. Almost everyone I hear complain about dead drives and memory buys crap. You know, the stuff always on sale.

Once you go RAID, you never go back....

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Joerg V: 98% Otus @ 25% price? Shut up and take my money!

The Zeiss and Sigma are for two, completely different markets. The only thing they have in common is focal length and sharpness.

The Zeiss is really for videographers. First, it's sharpness is second to none in video.. It has a long focus throw necessary for video. And I saved the best for last: it's a much cheaper alternative to other high-end video lenses.

Sure you can use the Zeiss for photography. But the only cameras that can take advantage of it are the Nikon D800 and Sony A7R. Big MP sensors.

While the Sigma is a fantastic lens from what we've heard. It's really a stills only lens. Being a veteran in the 50mm Club, I'm grateful for Sigma raising the bar!

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Nukunukoo: Who really cares about the size/weight when you get REALLY good images? You guys yapping about how heavy it is makes you sound like wusses! And that's from a gal! =P Getting one (or two).

Amen Nukunukoo! Certain people are complaining because they are used to cheap, plastic lenses... Those types shouldn't even be looking at this lens...

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On article Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app (209 comments in total)

You can buy a RAW editing app for iPad now: Photogene

$20 I think.

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On article Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 (335 comments in total)

As a professional, I simply cannot spend much time thinking about Pentax. Lens options are just not there. But I think their camera bodies are incredibly impressive. I have a colleague who uses a Pentax to shoot fashion shows. Darn fine camera. If the Pentax K3 had built-in WiFi, we'd be looking at the Canon 7D MKII. Very impressive. But as we all know, it's all about the lenses. And that's where Pentax fails miserably.

I was thinking either the sensor of the 70D or compactness of the SL1 would get my vote. Eventually, the SL1 got my vote. It's a tiny DSLR that's ALMOST pocketable. And image quality is very good. Love that little guy!

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I'm not a fan of small DSLRs. It's why I chose my lesser spec'd 50D over the T2i. Mostly because of ergonomics.

But the SL1 is different. Feels very comfortable in my hands. And I just don't get over the size. Tiny, yet capable.

Honestly, I don't know if it's enough over compact cameras which are even smaller. If you must have a small ILC, this might be a way to go.

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On article 8 months with the Vanguard Up-Rise 33 camera bag (49 comments in total)

Yes. Excellent review and pics.

I always wondered about these bags. They always looked of excellent quality and use.

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I have a Zeiss on my Canon and do everything with it. Action shots? No problem. If you got skill that is...

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Bjorn_L: Ring flash = poor photos. They obliterate shadows and create very boring flat photos. Also the quality and usefulness of a device like this seems VERY suspect.

Totally agree with EVERYTHING you said STU 5

I used the older style of Rayflash and I think it's a great device for relatively little money. People who never use them scoff at their simplicity. But they work! Gotten some great results with the Rayflash when I rented one. The new style is very sleek and even better. Definitely on my Christmas list.

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On article Sony A3000 First Impressions Review (630 comments in total)

Yup. This is pretty awesome. $400 for a decent APS-C? Good ISO range. Good AF. Wide variety of good to excellent lenses available?

This is a win big time. Prepare to see Canon Rebel prices plummet.

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This is a sweet little camera. I'll be considering selling my 50D to get this camera. The size can make it a great travel camera. Put a 50mm lens and it can be a fairly good stealth/street camera.

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On article Just Posted: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Preview Samples (81 comments in total)
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shigzeo: I tested it briefly on a D800 today at Yodobashi. Very very nice. I'm not an AF guy as current AF lenses are too big and heavy, but this lens looks and performs well. Bokeh is wonderful, focus is fast and rather quiet. Build is up to current Nikon standards. Manual focus isn't nearly as good as a proper Ai lens, but apart from that, there's not much to complain about.

If I were to get an AF 1,4/35mm lens, it would be the sigma. I'm not though, so whoopee!

I'm probably going to test it from a rental location someday. These are some of the best pictures I've seen from dpreview from a lens test. I like what I see. Compared to $2000 for a Zeiss, this might be a real option.

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What I haven't seen anyone touch on here is the strobe-specific receivers that PocketWizard makes. Being able to control power and use HSS on an Einstein with the transmitter on the camera is pretty awesome. So far Odin doesn't provide any modules for that.

PocketWizard is awesome for all that they do, but Odin is very impressive. If Odin comes out with receivers for strobes that allow power control & HSS, PocketWizard could be in big trouble.

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I think it would be very awesome and spawn some ideas like it has here. But seriously, I don't know why a simple interface could be designed among many DSLRs that would allow inexpensive modules attached like WiFi or GPS? How long have we had cheap USB devices? It's not a technical big-deal. We'd have cameras like the 30D or 40D. What's up camera makers?

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)

This is the first mirrorless camera I would consider getting. It's simple and solid. Even the EF-M lenses have a nice range. Body plus 2 lenses for $1100? Interesting. I think people are also missing the point that it can also use Canon wireless flash system. Very very cool.

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I think this is a GREAT camera. The specs are great and the price will probably be very reasonable.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (672 comments in total)

These are both excellent cameras. The technology in them is crazy good. A great photographer would be fine with either...

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profdeming: What a bitter disappointment this camera is. We waited three years for a sensor that has 22 instead of 21 MP? I can't believe the way people are swooning over this. Unless Canon comes out with a high resolution pretty quickly, they are going to lose a big market share to Nikon.

This looks to be the perfect camera for me. The D800 is a one-trick pony. If that's what you'll use it for. Great. The 5DMK3 is much more a generalist camera and useful to more people.

Is the Mk3 worth $1000 more than a Mk2? I think so. You're getting really close to a 1DX at half the price. The Mk3 is on my list..

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