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Lensupthere: I took that photo. I work for SkyIMD. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

As noted on the page, there are various distortions and misalignments because I used photoshop merge and didn't have the the time to correct everything to perfection. This is why the circle is not a true circle.

We could have used a drone, but the time to capture the entire campus would have been too long. Shadows and people and material locations would have changed. We could have used a Nikon 810 or canon 5dsr, but that would have increased the number of paths and flight time.

That Rodenstock lens outperforms our Zeiss planar 85mm or Sigma Art lens on either the Nikon or Canon.

What kind of stabilzer do you use, and did you have an automated PTZ head to compensate for aircraft movement?

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Looks exciting, the photomode on the FZ1000, did most of what I need,
The Video time limit and zooming during video were issues (I kept my fz150 to shoot videos that involved lots of zooming (Sports) and Long Duration Videos Conferences.

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