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60-250 zoom question? Pentax SLR Talk Apr 8, 2012
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Waist/Hip Pack Advice Pentax SLR Talk Jun 10, 2011
Forum becoming a photo gallery site Pentax SLR Talk Jun 9, 2011
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DA L 55-300 replacement Pentax SLR Talk May 18, 2011
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K-7 broken? Erratic behavior. Pentax SLR Talk Dec 27, 2010
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Is SAFOX IX predictive? Pentax SLR Talk Sep 21, 2010
Some Macro Shots Pentax SLR Talk Aug 29, 2010
Micro SD in camera to xfer pics to phone for upload??? Accessories Talk Aug 4, 2010
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image transfer from DSLR to BlackBerry in the field. Accessories Talk Aug 3, 2010
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Bee balm w/ tiered blooms Pentax SLR Talk Jul 19, 2010
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Bee Balm Pentax SLR Talk Jul 17, 2010
Flash me some more lightning pics (3 images) Pentax SLR Talk Jul 1, 2010
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K7 body is $763.95 at B&H today Pentax SLR Talk Jun 19, 2010
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1.6x, 2.3x and 3.3x Butterfly Macros Pentax SLR Talk Dec 20, 2009